becoming me

hey there. here are some randomocities of me. yes, i know that's not a real world

just a girl who is speaking up in her little nook of the internet. a girl who would never leave her family in ohio, but the girl who would give everything to live in new york city.

the title of my blog comes from how i sign my books {yep, i have a book published} and it just fits me.

my career lets me interact with people everyday, all eight hours, five days a week. i love it and it keeps me on my toes.

i'm a firm believer that bright {or dark} lipstick can instantly change your mood and outfit.

a smile can go a long way. so can a hug. as long as it is wanted.

the simple things in life are simply the best things.

old, soul friends are the best and are what secretly keep your world together.

i write every single day. and have dozens of journals and binders full of stories that will probably never be read.

i know what i want for the future but i am a-okay traveling the journey to get there.

baking chocolate chip cookies can easily turn into a dance party. to billie holiday.

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