Tuesday, November 11, 2014

monty the penguin

I smiled throughout the entire video and then I cried at the end. but it's a good cry. this is true happiness, guys.
john lewis is amazing.
I want one of those penguins!!


  1. I'm a huge fan of this advert - it's absolutely adorable. My housemate and I had exactly the same reaction to it at first ("oh my god, I am that sad penguin") followed by extreme opposites when he fell in love. Mine was to burst into tears, hers was to laugh hysterically and say "even a penguin can find someone! That's hilarious that he can and we can't!" Strange how different people react to different things, haha xx

  2. Hi Charlotte! Haha, I know right? But it is just so adorable and I downloaded the song and listen to it way too often! I want one of those penguins so bad, but they are always out of stock when I check :(