Wednesday, November 12, 2014



my favorite time of year has started and my favorite holiday IS ALMOST HERE!
over the last few weeks {well, month *cough* KOHLS *cough*} I have seen trees go up, ornaments go up and fake snow placed around the displays at select stores. starbucks introduced their Christmas drinks the first day of November {yep, ittttt happened and I totally drank my favorite peppermint mocha}. we have a tradition here in this house that we go tree picking the first weekend of december. we chop it down, decorate it and enjoy it all weekend. I would love to decorate earlier this year, but I am all for enjoying the holiday and time in between Halloween and New Years Day.

one of my favorite memories revolving around Christmas involves my grandma frahlich. which, almost every one of my favorite memories involves her. I would spend the night the weekend after thanksgiving, or even thanksgiving night. we would stay up late watching movies, making our signature nightly snack and I would spend it trying to convince her decorating that year was a good idea. I was always convincing her, and she was always thanking me I had after.

we would get up, have our breakfast and slowly make our way to her storage closet. box by box, I would bring the Christmas decorations back to her apartment. it was always a gamble to see how many boxes at one time I could bring back to save the most time. I would get inside and she would start unpacking. "I can't believe I have so many Christmas decorations. Alex, is there anything you want? I need to get rid of so much." I would always find a place and if not, there was no shame packing it back up and sticking it in the closet.

my absolute favorite thing to decorate with my grandma was the Christmas tree. I would set it up and she would unwrap the ornaments. slowly, and with careful eyes, we hung each one. we topped it with a sparkly star and then held our breaths as we turned the lights on and stepped back to admire it. and then she would hug me and thank me for decorating. and every time it made me so happy. because those moments, alone with my grandma, were my favorite and I miss them every Christmas.

one of the first things I requested when she passed was that Christmas tree. and I still have it. I put it up last year {the first Christmas without her} and it wasn't the same. I eventually took it down before Christmas. but I know when I have my own place, I will put it up proudly the weekend after thanksgiving and remember every memory of every decoration and ornament I have of hers and know she is with me the entire time.


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