Monday, October 13, 2014

we came back smelling like campfire.

it was the perfect weekend for camping! sure, it was a bit chilly (I think the high was 55) but that's what campfires are for which we had going all day long. it was fantastic! we spent time with family and enjoyed being outside all day. there were even some fall activities going on.

have I mentioned how much I love fall?

{my new Diana came in the mail and I have been reading and reading about how to take the perfect picture. but what I have found out is it's the not so perfect ones that are phenomenal. so I brought this lady out and snapped some shots}

{one of my most favorite things about camping is getting up early in the morning and enjoying everything around me before everyone is awake}

{our view from one of our camp sites}

{the moment in the day I regretted only bringing one sweatshirt. it was a bit chilly. but then I looked around me and all was good again}

{even camping, zip has to be "proper" and cross his arms}

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