Monday, October 6, 2014

so good.

this weekend was really good. it started off with the coolest of restaurants with the yummiest of endless {ENDLESS} fries and the best of people.
Saturday was spent running around vintage shopping and I was so disappointed, guys. I went all the way out to the Canton area {well past that, to be honest} to a place I had been told about and it was awful. luckily, my vintage hopes were restored at two local shops I didn't know about. wish I would have started there.

I then spent way too much time in target and also in the craft store picking out yarn for various knitting projects. if you want one of these:

...let me know and I would be happy to !

I also received my DIANA CAMERA in the mail and I cannot wait to take some mind boggling photos with it.

the weather this weekend was pretty chilly, but I LOVED it. welcome, fall!
on sunday, I spent the day knitting and cleaning up around here. also, while I am catholic, I was intrigued about the general conference. many bloggers I follow talk about it, and I wanted to see what it was about. I am glad I listened in on it and it is certainly not for just one type of religion. you can gain so many beautiful insights to life by listening and I wrote a few down I will take with me. there were so many wonder, inspiring and enlightening talks that I just feel so good going into these winter months with an open mind and heart. my church is amazing and our priest gives beautiful and relatable sermons every week. life is good, guys.

have a WONDERFUL Monday and an even better week. it's going to be a good one.


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