Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween weekend!!!!!!

I pulled out some of our old photo albums and stumbled upon this little photo. my mom was pretty cool to dress up with me. actually, she probably still would if I asked her to!

Halloween is so much fun! all of the pumpkins everywhere and the excuse to make everything pumpkin flavored is valid.
anyways, I will be dressing up this year...I think...for a Halloween party. thinking of going as Mary Poppins because I fell in love with Saving Mr. Banks this year and seriously, how cute would that outfit be?
but what makes me most excited about this time of year is that tomorrow, I can officially start listening to Christmas music without feeling guilty. I was made fun of at work {all in good fun} for listening to Christmas music and I get it. it was a little early. but I can't help it! Christmas is just so magical.
but first comes thanksgiving and in our family, we have something super exciting happening this year! celebrating thanksgiving on my mom's side a little early! I cannot wait, guys!
what do you love about this time of year?

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