Thursday, September 18, 2014

writing a manuscript.

it's one of the most infuriating, frustrating, hair tearing out process I've ever gone through.
but it's the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I have done {besides fundraising} in my life.

there are nights where I am up two-thirty in the morning because I couldn't, physically and mentally, stop writing.
and then there are the moments of pure doubt. I can't tell you how often I've written a scene over to hopefully make it have more impact on the reader.

last week I gave my lovely friend, Marilyn, a copy of my manuscript. I reached the point where I had an editorial reviewer give her take on it and I had made the changes {and then some} on it, but couldn't move forward unless I had someone to talk back and forth with on it.

the moment I hit send, I was nervous. for many reasons. but mostly because someone was going to be reading my work...and then giving me all of her thoughts. the good and the bad.

this manuscript means so much to me. it's going to mean so much to someone else, I just know it. this book is like my child {and I say that now before I have any kids and I will probably kick myself for comparing words to children someday...but it's a metaphor. 'kay?} and further down the road, I hope someone in the publishing industry sees and feels the potential I see and feel. I just need to make sure it's ready before I expose it to the world.

my friend max provides an array of services for writers and, if anything, I recommend the editorial review. check her out.

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