Monday, September 8, 2014

what do you wish?

i wish it would cool down enough so I could wear my new favorite sweater and go for a walk outside and not be too warm. autumn, I'm ready for you {have been since sept 1}, I can't help it.

i wish nutella {any other form of chocolate} were a healthy enough snack that I didn't feel so guilty eating it. gosh...the guilt.

i wish people weren't so rude in parking lots. seriously. I had a not so wonderful experience with a woman {older than me} who thought she saw a parking spot first {I had been circling, I saw it, I parked...first come, first serve, right?} and began to scream at me. I was scared and embarrassed.

i wish candy crush wasn’t so much fun and absolutely addicting to play. I'm losing valuable sleep at my house thanks to those stupid pieces of candy.

i wish I liked to run outside. with the weather becoming crisper and cooler out, it would be perfect. I just can't do it. well, today I can't.

i wish flying to new york wasn't so expensive. I would love to visit there again soon...just to see the leaves in central park. it's so gorgeous there this time of year.

and… i wish it was friday. because that would be the start of my weekend, and today wouldn't be Monday. because, really, Mondays I struggle. but I am going to concentrate on my little moments of happy that get me through the day.

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