Wednesday, September 24, 2014

little notes.

dear grapefruit,
I've become a new fan of yours. I'd Never tried you for breakfast or lunch but am pretty excited about this.

dear dell computer,

I will miss you after all of our manuscripts and college essays together. but I'm getting a mac soon and I.CANNOT.WAIT.

dear snoring,

you embarrass  me so much. you can go away now.

dear fall weather,

hello! thank you so much for coming. i love you

dear week,

please be gentle on me. the last couple of have been a little rough. I'm ready for a break already. weekend, please come.

dear scary movies,

I really do enjoy you, but the movie Annabelle is going to kill me. oh and  buy and the fault in our stars which came out on DVD last week and i now own you.

dear fall, thanksgiving and Christmas,

i won’t say who, but somebody is getting really excited to enjoy you this year because I feel like I was robbed of you last year.



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