Tuesday, September 9, 2014

little notes.

dear Hershey's dark chocolate,

I had a crappy day yesterday and you seemed like the best solution to that. I tried to talk myself out of buying you, but my not so great monday deserved a little chocolate.


 dear Monday,

you weren't very nice this week. all day long i couldn't decide if you were a good day, a sad day, an ugly day or whatever. i was so happy to climb into bed and wake up to Tuesday. so thank you, Monday, for Tuesday. i have high hopes for today.


 dear television channel,

why are there such trashy tv shows on right now? and why do I feel the need to watch you so often?


dear mom,

I think you should make more of your zucchini bread. I have been missing it like crazy and going through withdrawal since you made your last {small} batch a month ago. oh, and your pumpkin pie. cause, you know, autumn is coming up.


dear cold I can feel coming,

please don't. I really hate being sick and working. and working out. although, it would be a nice excuse...


dear pumpkin spice lattes {with soy} ,
why, oh why, do you have to be so good and so easy to order? my wallet doesn't like you, but I sure do. you're my favorite until peppermint mochas come into town.


dear closet,

I am sorry I let you get so crazy inside. I didn't mean to and I promise I will {eventually} put you back together again.


dear alarm clock,

I'm sorry for wanting to throw you across the room. I know you're just doing your job, but that 6:45AM wake up call is not my favorite five days a week.


dear running,

please get easier. I want to be able to get stronger and healthier. you're the way to do it, but I really don't like you when I am actually running.


dear weekend,

please get here soon. I need to enjoy the cooler and gloomy weather in all its glory and this week just needs to be over with. I miss sleeping in and not rushing anywhere.

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