Tuesday, September 30, 2014

this past weekend.

I had goals this weekend. serious. goals.
one of them included finally buying a MacBook air.
since I used a mac when I interned a few years ago
in a marketing & communications department,
I had been wanting one for myself.

the problem?
they're expensive.

for the last three years, I had known it was going to happen.
as a writer, the mac felt right and as someone who wanted
to learn about photoshop, the MacBook seemed perfect
for just that.

so Saturday, I got up, ran some errands which included the apple store.
I had it all picked out and after an hour or so of issues,
{apple store had problems that day...should have taken it as a sign},
my MacBook was in my hands and I was on my way home to obsess.

when it came time to open the box up {which is fancier than any packaging I've seen}
I opened it up and was sad to realize how little excitement I had.
I brushed the doubtful feelings aside and turned that baby on.
playing around with it, it felt familiar and I thought, "I could do this."
then I opened iTunes. and that is when it hit me......

how can I copy a playlist to a CD when there is no place to insert one...?
oh, how I was disappointed, but happy in a way, too.
I had doubt for a reason and I should have listened to it.

so the next day, I took the walk of shame back into the apple store.
sucked up my frustration as the guy who processed my return gave me a look
and I walked out of there happy with my decision.

so now...now, I am on the hunt for a computer. but not a mac.
anyone else have to recently make some hard decisions?


Monday, September 29, 2014

enjoying the sights of autumn everywhere i go.

 it's been a bit warm around here ever since fall made its official debut. the sights scream fall, but the upper 70 degree weather shouts summer. not sure how I feel about that seeing I was pretty pumped for fall to finally be here. I guess I should take it as a good thing...we are getting a little bought of warm weather before winter starts. which, hello, is sooner than we think. The Hallmark Channel is already advertising for their Christmas season. not that I am not excited. I just want to be in the moment. it's fall. not summer and not winter.

and while it's sometimes frustrating, gosh I love living where I do. we get every season and I am going to live each of them to the fullest.

happy fall, everyone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

little notes.

dear grapefruit,
I've become a new fan of yours. I'd Never tried you for breakfast or lunch but am pretty excited about this.

dear dell computer,

I will miss you after all of our manuscripts and college essays together. but I'm getting a mac soon and I.CANNOT.WAIT.

dear snoring,

you embarrass  me so much. you can go away now.

dear fall weather,

hello! thank you so much for coming. i love you

dear week,

please be gentle on me. the last couple of have been a little rough. I'm ready for a break already. weekend, please come.

dear scary movies,

I really do enjoy you, but the movie Annabelle is going to kill me. oh and  buy and the fault in our stars which came out on DVD last week and i now own you.

dear fall, thanksgiving and Christmas,

i won’t say who, but somebody is getting really excited to enjoy you this year because I feel like I was robbed of you last year.



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

monday was the most perfect autumn day.

i went into work on monday with a huge smile on my face.
the weather was perfect and it's officially autumn TODAY.

the colors on the trees are changing.

and if you close your eyes, you can kind of smell october.

which, by the way, smells phenomenal.

I'm ready for pumpkins. I'm ready for leaves. I'm ready for more days like Monday
where I can wear my new favorite boots and sweaters and scarves
and order a hot drink from my local coffee shop.

I'm ready for you, autumn. come on full force.

Monday, September 22, 2014

24 years old. or 4

two nights ago I had chicken tenders for dinner...buffalo style.

the other day, a classic pb&j; with a big glass of milk was my lunch.

sometimes you need to feel like a kid again.

I might be having pb&j again tomorrow for lunch.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

writing a manuscript.

it's one of the most infuriating, frustrating, hair tearing out process I've ever gone through.
but it's the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I have done {besides fundraising} in my life.

there are nights where I am up two-thirty in the morning because I couldn't, physically and mentally, stop writing.
and then there are the moments of pure doubt. I can't tell you how often I've written a scene over to hopefully make it have more impact on the reader.

last week I gave my lovely friend, Marilyn, a copy of my manuscript. I reached the point where I had an editorial reviewer give her take on it and I had made the changes {and then some} on it, but couldn't move forward unless I had someone to talk back and forth with on it.

the moment I hit send, I was nervous. for many reasons. but mostly because someone was going to be reading my work...and then giving me all of her thoughts. the good and the bad.

this manuscript means so much to me. it's going to mean so much to someone else, I just know it. this book is like my child {and I say that now before I have any kids and I will probably kick myself for comparing words to children someday...but it's a metaphor. 'kay?} and further down the road, I hope someone in the publishing industry sees and feels the potential I see and feel. I just need to make sure it's ready before I expose it to the world.

my friend max provides an array of services for writers and, if anything, I recommend the editorial review. check her out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


i am thankful for pumpkin spice lattes,

those funny new {or not so new} Dorito commercials,

friendly passerybys who offer a smile back,

September finally being here.

i am looking forward to taking time in the morning to walk and just be present before my day starts,

making lists that count and actually accomplishing them,

camping in the cooler weather,

making pumpkin pies, chili and zucchini bread with my mama.

i know it’s only the middle of the month and fall isn't here yet,
but i wish you all a beautiful season.

 thanks for reading.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


today is going to be a good day today.
I can feel it.

it has to be and I'm determined to find the good
and the happiness
in everything I can.

an sometimes, the joy in a day
is making your own happiness.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

here's to a {mostly} bad week turned around.

after Wednesday, my week turned around. here are some of my loves that turned my mood back up.
i love the new crisp feel outside as summer ever so slowly comes to an end. the smells of autumn around the corner is SO good.
i love that this means it’s time to bring out all of my favorite sweaters in my closet, and put my tank tops and summer shirts in the back. it's a good day when that happens, guys. i also love seeing my scarves and hats and knowing that wearing them is just around the corner. oh, and knitting. i do a lot of knitting in the fall.pull out the sweaters, scarves and hats.   and am wearing them faithfully around the apartment while

i love drinking apple cider and darker red nail polish to go with the colors of fall.
i love knowing I can wear boots soon and put my flip flops to rest. boots are SO much better.

i love my study guides and learning more about my faith. and also wearing my favorite cozy sweater while completing this week's guide. those guides bring such strength and joy into my life.

i love baking. and I love how baking in the fall {and dare I say winter} is a million and one times better than baking in the summer.

i love improving in my room...little by little.

i love movement. i love my space. i love music. and i especially love this. {and yes, it makes me cry and gives me crazy harsh goosebumps}.

i love my life. i do. even when it's hard and confusing {this week had it's moments. but Thursday started to really look up}. and i am thankful for all of it.

I love family. and I love all of them that I got to see since Thursday.


Friday, September 12, 2014

a quote for the weekend ahead...

i think this is may be my new life motto.

i couldn’t agree with it more.


a special weekend.

i hope you have a special September weekend.

it's supposed to be a little cold outside and gloomy
which I am okay with but this up and down weather
is not my favorite.

I will be spending time with family all weekend!

we have a special family member coming from Hawaii

to stay with us for a few days. she love nyc

just like me.

we will get to see lots of family in the next couple of days

which makes me happy.

sunday is my cousin's first birthday.

this baby is the happiest baby I have ever met

and can't believe he is one already.

can't wait to give you lots of hugs, mister grady.

i wish you all a lovely weekend.

i’ll see you on monday!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

september 11th

i'll never forget where I was 13 years ago.
the world seemed so scary even at 11 years old.
my mom picked my brother and I up from school
and i'll never forget how the sky looked different that night.

thank you to all men and women who fight for our freedom.

hug your families a little tighter today and never forget.

god bless.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


hi hi hi!

it's the middle of the week and I couldn't be happier.

i've been watching the show, Grey's anatomy lately and it's making me all nostalgic.
i used to watch it in high school with some friends and we would stay up super late and watch half a season. since then, I've lost interest in the show but now it's all I want to watch. There's only four more seasons until I'm caught up...I can do it right?

anyone else do that?

anyways, it's Wednesday, guys! half of the week is over. thank goodness.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

little notes.

dear Hershey's dark chocolate,

I had a crappy day yesterday and you seemed like the best solution to that. I tried to talk myself out of buying you, but my not so great monday deserved a little chocolate.


 dear Monday,

you weren't very nice this week. all day long i couldn't decide if you were a good day, a sad day, an ugly day or whatever. i was so happy to climb into bed and wake up to Tuesday. so thank you, Monday, for Tuesday. i have high hopes for today.


 dear television channel,

why are there such trashy tv shows on right now? and why do I feel the need to watch you so often?


dear mom,

I think you should make more of your zucchini bread. I have been missing it like crazy and going through withdrawal since you made your last {small} batch a month ago. oh, and your pumpkin pie. cause, you know, autumn is coming up.


dear cold I can feel coming,

please don't. I really hate being sick and working. and working out. although, it would be a nice excuse...


dear pumpkin spice lattes {with soy} ,
why, oh why, do you have to be so good and so easy to order? my wallet doesn't like you, but I sure do. you're my favorite until peppermint mochas come into town.


dear closet,

I am sorry I let you get so crazy inside. I didn't mean to and I promise I will {eventually} put you back together again.


dear alarm clock,

I'm sorry for wanting to throw you across the room. I know you're just doing your job, but that 6:45AM wake up call is not my favorite five days a week.


dear running,

please get easier. I want to be able to get stronger and healthier. you're the way to do it, but I really don't like you when I am actually running.


dear weekend,

please get here soon. I need to enjoy the cooler and gloomy weather in all its glory and this week just needs to be over with. I miss sleeping in and not rushing anywhere.

Monday, September 8, 2014

what do you wish?

i wish it would cool down enough so I could wear my new favorite sweater and go for a walk outside and not be too warm. autumn, I'm ready for you {have been since sept 1}, I can't help it.

i wish nutella {any other form of chocolate} were a healthy enough snack that I didn't feel so guilty eating it. gosh...the guilt.

i wish people weren't so rude in parking lots. seriously. I had a not so wonderful experience with a woman {older than me} who thought she saw a parking spot first {I had been circling, I saw it, I parked...first come, first serve, right?} and began to scream at me. I was scared and embarrassed.

i wish candy crush wasn’t so much fun and absolutely addicting to play. I'm losing valuable sleep at my house thanks to those stupid pieces of candy.

i wish I liked to run outside. with the weather becoming crisper and cooler out, it would be perfect. I just can't do it. well, today I can't.

i wish flying to new york wasn't so expensive. I would love to visit there again soon...just to see the leaves in central park. it's so gorgeous there this time of year.

and… i wish it was friday. because that would be the start of my weekend, and today wouldn't be Monday. because, really, Mondays I struggle. but I am going to concentrate on my little moments of happy that get me through the day.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


her voice, guys...gosh, it gives me goosebumps. I came across this song initially when I heard it on grey's anatomy and I fell in love with it.

"I'm ready now to fly from the highest trees...
I had a dream."

Saturday, September 6, 2014

28 years.

that's a lot of years and it is something to celebrate!
happy 28th wedding anniversary mom and dad!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


how was your labor day?
i’m in love with three day weekends and they make me happy long before they begin.

i spent my days off reading, writing, spending time with loved ones and exploring. it was fantastic.

also, it's September and i cannot wait for fall like weather to begin.
i know, i know. enjoy the moment. but i am so ready for cold nights wrapped in scarves and blankets walking around with the beautifully colored leaves all over the ground.
hopefully it will come soon!


Monday, September 1, 2014

a little more personal

i don't have a lot of time to read these days and whenever i have a moment at night before sleep takes over, you better believe my nose is in a book.

lately, I've been so intrigued and inspired by study books. my faith is important to me and i am all for furthering my knowledge. my favorite study books have been anything Jennie Allen and right now, i am almost finished with the Stuck Study. it makes you think about what is keeping you from things in life and how to get through them. it's a beautiful book and i highly recommend it.

anyway, because i loved the idea so much, i began searching for other ways to explore. a blogger (whom i can't remember...I'm sorry!) recommended this prayer journal by ValMariePaper and i was instantly drawn to it.

the design is gorgeous and so easy, but the idea is what caught my attention. the book itself isn't available until September but i cannot wait to order and receive mine! it just takes a few moments how ever often you want to sit down and write...explore and take time to think about what's going on in your life and around you. also, she has an adorable blog that everyone should check out!

cannot wait!


there's a few articles running around the internet about unplugging from social media. there's no way i could do that completely...but i am determined to cut back.

I've found myself, more times than i would like to admit, getting lost in my facebook's news feed. facebook makes it easy for you to click on and get lost in other people's lives. while i like to keep up with friends and family...how much time has been stolen from facebook? what happened to the old fashioned phone call or  write a letter to learn how people are doing?

there are so many things i want to do with my day and spending it checking facebook is not one of them. so I'm unplugging. i'll still use facebook for personal use, but i want to try and focus on other things.

you'll probably catch me more on here, or on twitter. and if you have a blog you would like to share with me, please let me know. i would love to connect!