Monday, July 7, 2014

so tell me when it kicks in.

a few weeks ago, i started to get really annoyed with my iTunes library. everything felt like it had been listened to a million times, and my favorites were starting to get on my nerves. i needed new music and i had no idea in which genre i was looking for.

as you all know, i am in love with everything the fault in our stars. the soundtrack is even more phenomenal. one of the most beautiful songs is "All of the Stars" which is written by ed sheeran. so i looked him up in iTunes and pre-ordered his latest cd. a couple of days went by and to be honest, i forgot i had downloaded it. i had my music on shuffle, and one of his new songs came on and my ears perked up. my obsession had started.

i listened to his new cd {"x"} a few times at work that day, and loved every song that came on. his voice is so unique, and it's not because he is british. his sound is so amazing, you can't help but want to tap your foot along, or bounce around in the car {which, let's be honest, is a daily occurrence}.

go download his new cd, and take a listen. in the meantime, if you need convincing, check out this song below. i swear, it will be my first dance song someday at my wedding.

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