Wednesday, May 21, 2014

what i can't get enough of

I am insanely addicted to everything related to The Fault in Our Stars.

On Monday the soundtrack was released and I had been waiting and waiting to be able to download it. I was so excited that I completely forgot about the release date. Has that ever happened to you? Tuesday morning, the second I had my coffee, I downloaded the soundtrack. And guys, it's beautiful. I listened to the soundtrack four times through at work. It captures the mood and tone of the book so well, and it makes me so eager to see the film in a couple of weeks.

When I am writing, music is a huge component of what flows onto the page. A song can completely change a song, and the right one can be the perfect companion. When I hear the right song while writing, I see and feel a scene unfold during the whole song. The next time I hear that song, I can still see the scene so clearly.

TJ from His Little Lady opened up the conversation for TFiOS and I was so excited to get to exchange an email with her regarding the book. I could talk about this book all day. So feel free to comment or email me :)

Gosh, I am excited for this movie.

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