Monday, May 5, 2014

something that's bothering me...

...having to breathe in second hand smoke and I can't escape it fast enough.

i mean, seriously, it's ridiculous. I was in the starbucks drive through a couple of weeks ago and the person behind me was smoking. normally, I don't judge, nor do I complain about it. but this person was smoking in a drive through line. so he would blow the smoke out of the window and where would it go? into my window.

and no, putting my windows back up did not help. and yes, I was in line for an unusual long five minutes, breathing in a cigarette. because I need that second hand smoke. just like I am sure his/her three kids I saw in their car needed it as well.

okay, that I judged.
don't judge me.

but on the other hand, I got a lovely package in the mail from H&M filled with awesomely cheap, colorful clothes just in time for spring and summer time. I may be a bit obsessed with that store.

bright clothes make things slightly better.

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