Tuesday, May 27, 2014

one beautiful weekend

the word perfection doesn't do this Memorial Day weekend justice. I had been looking forward to it ever since last monday and gosh did it surpass my expectations.

my weekend technically started friday when my office closed early. I worked from home and was able to go with my mom to our local meat market, Dumas. the weather was gorgeous and on our way to the market, we checked out a farmers market but sadly, it was closed. but the drive up was beautiful. and scary.

saturday morning, my dad and I got up early and went for a bike ride into Kent. besides the seat on the bike the worst one I've ever sat on, that morning was beautiful. we stumbled upon a Saturday morning farmers market and I was in love. we walked our bikes through the whole thing and I knew we would have to come back. we ended up buying a loaf of olive, mushroom, tomato, Parmesan and spinach bread and oh man, it was amazing.

sunday was another early morning since my dad's side of the family started going out to breakfast on Sunday mornings. they call it the summer schedule. and I love it. I wish I could go every sunday but my jeans and workouts wouldn't like me very much. it was so yummy, though! that night I stayed in, went to target {that store is gloriously dangerous} and finally watched Say Anything for the first time. can I just say...it's one of my favorites. give me a guy who will play Peter Gabriel songs outside my bedroom window, and I'll be hooked.

Memorial Day was beautiful for so many reasons. it reminded me how blessed me and my family are to be living in the world we do. so many sacrifice everyday for our freedom and we shouldn't just have one day dedicated to showing them out appreciation. the sky was clear and the sun shined all day long. I met up with Jenn at her apartment and we walked with her boyfriend and parents to the parade. I felt like such a little kid as we watched the parade. so wonderful!

later that night my family and I watched some home videos from when I was a baby and it was so wonderful to see my grandparents who are no longer with us. both of my grandpas served. I miss them so and always wish I had had more time with them.

days like Monday remind me how little we all are in this huge world. be grateful for the small things in life and find happiness in whatever you can.

I hope you and your family had a beautiful weekend and feel as blessed as I do.

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