Thursday, May 8, 2014


…of eating an Italian ice at night before i go to sleep. i know it's bad for me. especially right before i climb into bed.

…of feeling overly confident every few weeks to attempt to shape {aka over pluck} my eyebrows.

…of being mad at myself the next morning...and the morning after that...and swearing i won't be doing that again, only to do it the next time they need it.

…of buying a thing of bagels and enjoying ever bite of them. even though they're taking me forever to eat. blueberry bagels...gosh, they're the best.

…of thinking American hustle was so boring. not extraordinary. i was pretty disappointed, not going to lie. i tried, j-law. i tried.

…of knowing the reason i was rushed in getting ready for work was not because of my alarm clock {like i told myself to feel better} but because i insisted at 1 AM that another Game of Thrones episode was worth it.

it was.

…of getting ahead of myself and getting my hopes up.

…of watching real housewives of orange county. and new York city.

…never, ever, returning my library books and movies back in on time. even after working at a library for almost four years.

…of rolling my eyes at the thought of frozen and the obsession of it. then watching it, totally getting it, and insisting that it's the movie we watch every. single. time.

…of wanting to pack for a trip to NYC in August, today. three months early

but i love it. and i can't help it. nyc is an obsession.
that, I will proudly admit I'm guilty of.

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