Wednesday, April 16, 2014

we still don't know how we did it.

i have a whole new appreciation for adrenaline rushes. and i know my friend, jenn, does too. previously mentioned, she just moved into the most perfect apartment. she's been getting settled in and i've been having so much fun helping when needed.

whether it's handing her a screwdriver, helping translate assembly instructions, or carrying a 100 lb wooden dining room table across a building outside, down three halls and up two flights of stairs, it's been a fun adventure.

yes, i said 100 lb dining room table. trying to save money, nothing is better than a bargain. and you can't get better than free. we were pulling into her complex one rainy, cold night and we saw this beautiful wooden table on the lawn. we parked and hopped out to check it out. after measuring it and going over the pros and cons of it, she decided to take it. we dropped stuff in her apartment and tried to think of the easiest way to get it inside and upstairs. we pulled our coats close to our bodies and ran out in the rain, grabbed the table and carried it halfway down the building, outside and through the large doors. we decided against the elevator because that would have taken way too long to figure out how to fit it inside. so we did the only other thing we could: carry it up two flights of stairs.

somewhere in between the initial run outside, and grabbing my end of the table, my adrenaline kicked in and Jenn says the same thing. oh. my. gosh. that thing was heavy. but somehow, twenty minutes later, we got it up.

it's never a dull moment with my jennifred.

after drying it off and wiping all the cobwebs off, we cleaned the table and set it in the right spot. we were feeling pretty bad ass and strong so what else are we going to do? juice. she had just bought a juicer from a friend and we were so excited {possibly more than normal} to try it out. we used apples, lemons and grapes and it turned out really well! i can't wait to juice some more.

i smile and giggle whenever i think about that night. and i also get mad that we didn't think to take a video of us doing that because NO ONE believes we did it.

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