Sunday, April 27, 2014

sunday edit #1

i am starting something new this week to push me to try reaching a goal. every sunday, i will post a "sunday edit" which will be about a book i am reading and what i think about it. i want to start reading more and i am hoping this pushes me to find the time. I'm putting this out for you all to see, so you have to keep me accountable!

for the last year or so, i have been contemplating on starting either The Fault in Our Stars or Divergent. everyone i talked to said The Fault in Our Stars would make me sad and cry uncontrollably. because of a lot of things i was going through last year, i wasn't sure if it was a good time to start a book like that. as for divergent, i wasn't sure how i felt about it. i'm not much into books with this kind of content in it. twilight is about as far as i go, and yes, i was a huge fan!

so last week, i found an awesome deal for BOTH of these books. i took it as a sign and ordered them and was way too excited to get them in the mail.

with a lot of feedback, i decided to start The Fault in Our Stars first. a few friends pointed out that i would probably want to stay in the divergent world and not break it up by reading the other book. so that is why i started it.

so far, i love it. the whit and strength in the characters, even in the first chapter, is unbelievable. the cancer they are going through is intense and makes me thankful {which sounds bizarre} for the type i had which was easy to remove, caught early.

i haven't gotten to the second half of the book where i was promised i would need a box of tissues for the rest. but i am sure i will be blogging about it with tears in my eyes as i type my words.

i have a week to read it! you have to hold me to it.
have a wonderful week everyone! enjoy your sunday.


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