Tuesday, April 29, 2014

i try, i really do.

i try to be the best person i can be. really, i do.
i try to leave tips in the tip jar.
i make a conscious effort to drink more tap water instead of grabbing another bottle of water out of the refrigerator.
my room is sometimes always clean. sometimes, people. sometimes.
i always try and hold the door open for the person behind me.
i've made sure to turn the water off and not let it run while i'm brushing and flossing my teeth.
i smile even at someone who is scowling.
i take off my makeup every night and wash my face every day.
i try to eat more fruits and veggies and when i get mad at other drivers on the road, i seriously try to not cuss out loud or say mean things in my head. no matter how badly i want to.
these things may be so little but they are the ones that feel like i'm making progress in my life.

so when i eat that extra piece of chocolate or throw that shirt i didn't have the three seconds to spare and hang up, onto the floor, i should give myself a little break. right?

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