Tuesday, March 4, 2014

writing untitled book #3

...okay, i lied. i have a title. but because of how up and down i was with my second {it had three different titles...sorry about that} i am not going to put it out there. it only bites me in the butt!

it feels so good to be writing again. my second one is {loose use of this word} done. it's written. i like it. friends have liked it. i just need to dive in head first and get this thing out there. but in the mean time, of course, another idea has come into my mind. mostly at night...you know, when i am trying to sleep. but i have found that some of my best material has come when i am just about to drift off to sleep.

along with working out, i am trying to write at least once a day. even a line or two. something that gets the novel going. even if it doesn't end up being a novel in the end. if that makes any sense.

something i brought up with a friend a couple of weeks ago was a fear of mine. and i am intrigued to learn if other writers feel this way. i am always nervous that what i write and put out there is going to be taken too seriously. if people who know me are going to constantly wonder if what i write is part reality. i want to say this for the record. of course feelings, emotions, events have an effect on how we express ourselves. we couldn't write about something if we knew nothing about it. heartbreak, death, love, life, happiness, sadness...it is all apart of us in one way or another. my friend assured me that this is not true. he told me "trust me, that's not what they're thinking about when they {friends and family} are reading your work." i took comfort in that. but it still worries me and at the same time forces me to write in such a way that people could never think that this was my own reality.

maybe i'm thinking too much. maybe i shouldn't worry so much and just write? so writing i am.

"i believed all of his lies. which, when i thought about it, made me a liar myself." - book #3

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