Monday, March 3, 2014

today, i am thankful for many things

  • for two new zumba instructors at the gym. i haven't had the chance to try either of them out yet, but i hear they are awesome and will really give you a work out.

  • for sales at Kohls that let me buy things that brighten up my room without spending too much

  • for friends near and far

  • for a mom and dad who have always let me "spread my wings."

  • for a brother who makes me so happy when he comes to me for help on anything. even essays and school stuff. makes me feel valuable.

  • for my education. i sure am lucky.

  • for prayers. for strength and hope my heavenly father gives me whenever I open up and talk and do my best. i sure am happy he is always there.

  • for my mom’s cooking. you have no idea.

  • for arcade fire. their music is WOW. {photo below}

  • for my church and priest who make scripture so relatable every week.

  • for heat and warm, fluffy blankets.

  • for my family. i just love my brother and parents so much.

  • for my life. i am a very lucky girl to have it. it’s so beautiful. i feel blessed.

B&WSheet190207_frame1^^^ love them. photo via

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