Tuesday, March 18, 2014

little winks

{one of my favorites, even if my eyes were closed!}

if you know me, you know i was super close to my grandma. when she was in hospice, we all had a chance to spend some amazing time with her. my cousin doug and i had joked with her that she needs to mess with us in the future. send us little "god winks" to let us know she is okay. she had a wonderful sense of humor and promised she would do her best.

well, after she passed away, small things happened. her calendar fell off the wall {it was tacked on}, my phone dropped off my bedside table and when i was waiting for surgery, the person next to me had the same ringtone on their phone as my grandma. all of these things were a part of my grandma's life. she loved to talk to her family near and far on the phone and religiously wrote down everything on her calendars. yes, that's plural!

it's been a few months since i had a god wink from her {that's what we call them} but man, i had a good one on Saturday and had to share!

my friend Jenn and i have been friends since we were in middle school. after getting to know each other, we found out that our grandparents were best friends as well and lived in the same apartment building all this time. we thought it was pretty cool and ironic. anyways, through the years, Jenn and i have always remained friends. even after years of not seeing each other much because of college, we still feel like no time has passed and we are still high school best friends. she's my soul friend...what can i say?

so Saturday, she invited me to come with her and her parents to look at an apartment, which just so happens to be the same apartment building our grandparents lived in. i hadn't been there since my grandma moved when i was thirteen, so it was a little piece of childhood nostalgia walking inside. the smells, the wallpaper, and the friendship between Jenn and i were all the same. while we were going through the different options, a man buzzed in and needed help with something. the office manager helped him and returned to us. something was said and we explained the story about our grandparents and our friendship. the manager asked where my grandma had lived and when i told him, his eyes got wide. he goes, "that man that was just in here, he lives in that apartment your grandma had." HOW WEIRD IS THAT?! i had some crazy goosebumps and spent the rest of my day with a smile on my face.

it's the simple things that remind us of our loved ones. if we are lucky enough, they send us little messages here and there. we just have to keep an open mind and find them.

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