Thursday, March 6, 2014

a handwritten letter

when's the last time you had a pen pal? elementary school? maybe high school? i can't remember the last time i had a pen pal...if ever. handwritten letters are something of the past it seems. unless it is a rare romantic gesture, it's something that doesn't happen very often. and i miss it, to be honest.

in my desk, second drawer down to be exact, sits a stack of letters i've received over the years. most of them are love letters from old boyfriends i swore i would love forever. a couple of months ago, a good friend of mine and i found them and i let her read a couple of them. they were so innocent! especially from my first "love" when i was fourteen. they were so sweet and innocent and adorable.

anyways, a friend on facebook was talking about how much she misses penpals and getting a handwritten letter in the mail. i can remember the excitement of opening the letter and knowing that it was for me. i would go inside, pull out PAPER and a PEN and write back, excited to slip it in the mail the next day.

it's such a simple thing, yet something we take for granted and something that can easily make someone's day. when my cousin first went overseas, i loved writing to him and getting letters back. something i want to include in this post is Operation Gratitude. it's a really cool organization that allows people to write to those overseas and those who may have been injured during battle. i highly recommend you all check it out.

next time you go to write an email to someone you love, try writing them a handwritten letter instead. i bet you will both end up with smiles.


  1. Do cards count as well? i love receiving cards as well because of the sentiments written inside. i vowed to myself to start sending more cards. to those that have positively affected my life, i love and miss, just to say thank you, or thinking about you. great post, as i hope future generations keep up the art of handwritten letters and cards of love.

  2. They totally count! :) I hope more people continue to do this as well.