Monday, March 31, 2014

new beginnings

last Friday was my very last day of work at the rec center. it was bittersweet but i feel so so ready for my new "big girl" job as everyone is calling it. i kind of like it.

on wednesday all of the girls i work with went out with me to a local restaurant. Delanie's has been a favorite of mine for as long as it's been here. they have a killer suicide burger and their fried pickles and mac and cheese bites are to die for.

i laughed so much that night and hate myself for not getting a picture with everyone. hey, just another excuse to get everyone together, right?

Friday, March 28, 2014

here's to happiness {part II}

i absolutely loved the response i received about the simple things in life that make people happy. it made me think further. thanks for those who participated! i really want to continue making this a friday tradition. keep sending your happiness in.

1. the smell of wet grass when spring is in the air
2. my priests' opening to his homily every sunday
3. trips to home depot with my dad and the smell inside
4. the scent of a new books' pages
5. eskimo kisses
6. spontaneous travels
7. a new song on repeat
8. the sunshine
9. coming across an old photo that makes my heart smile
10. a new planner
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

it's late and i can't sleep

why does this always happen? you hit 3:00 PM and you are counting down the hours until your body can curl up in your bed, and you can drift off to sleep. then when you get there you are stuck. i have a lot on my mind lately. a lot. and most of its good and positive things, but i have a few things weighing down on my mind. i wish there were a switch somewhere to turn off thinking and you could just sleep. i think one of the reasons is i am sad for tomorrow.

tomorrow is my last day of work! i start a new and exciting job on Monday and i cannot be more thrilled. but i am sad to leave this job I've had for almost three years. working with kids has been... interesting. i say interesting because i find it fascinating, at times, to see how they see the world around them. and also, interesting, because half of the time i want to plug my ears and have them all take a nap.

early on at this job, i saw a lot of kids go through what i went through for so much of my elementary school years. bullying kills me. it hurts me to see it happen to other kids, it hurts me to remember, it hurts me to have it still happen at times in different ways. i am very protective of those kids who are bullied. i try to hug them a little extra tight when they cry to me, i try to tell them it's okay in my most convincing voice because i know when i was their age, i didn't believe it. i hope and pray i have been able to make the slightest of difference. i probably haven't, but even for that moment of comforting them i did. because i know and remember how much a moment can mean to a kid.

i have never laughed so much at this job. kids are pretty darn funny, i must say. life is beautiful with a little more laughter in it. i have a feeling tomorrow is going to be rough and sad. so bear with me here.


Monday, March 24, 2014

life just got real

i have been on cloud nine ever since last Wednesday. actually, since two Wednesdays ago. that day was just awesome from beginning to end. after almost two years after graduating, countless job interviews and many frustrating tears later, i have finally landed a full time job!

i am so very thankful for this opportunity. i start this amazing job in a week, and i cannot be more excited. it's bittersweet, though, because i really do enjoy where i work now. working with kids for the last three years has been awesome. they all have this magic about them and i have never laughed as much as i did while working with them. i'll be sad to say goodbye to the kids i've taken care of.

so...goodbye college job! and hello 'big girl' career :)


Friday, March 21, 2014

here's to happiness {by Brittany}

here is what makes Brittany terribly happy...


{Thanks for asking this question! Too many times I go throughout my day not realizing that these most simplest of things put a smile on my face and my heart}

1. spending time with my church family
2. worshiping the Lord
3. spending time with my family
4. hugs from my daughter, Khloe
5. kisses on the forehead
6. seeing the sun peak through the clouds
7. butter pecan ice cream
8. holding the door open for the elderly and seeing the appreciation on their faces
9. Hearing the birds sing a song
10. Julia Roberts' funny laugh

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

little winks

{one of my favorites, even if my eyes were closed!}

if you know me, you know i was super close to my grandma. when she was in hospice, we all had a chance to spend some amazing time with her. my cousin doug and i had joked with her that she needs to mess with us in the future. send us little "god winks" to let us know she is okay. she had a wonderful sense of humor and promised she would do her best.

well, after she passed away, small things happened. her calendar fell off the wall {it was tacked on}, my phone dropped off my bedside table and when i was waiting for surgery, the person next to me had the same ringtone on their phone as my grandma. all of these things were a part of my grandma's life. she loved to talk to her family near and far on the phone and religiously wrote down everything on her calendars. yes, that's plural!

it's been a few months since i had a god wink from her {that's what we call them} but man, i had a good one on Saturday and had to share!

my friend Jenn and i have been friends since we were in middle school. after getting to know each other, we found out that our grandparents were best friends as well and lived in the same apartment building all this time. we thought it was pretty cool and ironic. anyways, through the years, Jenn and i have always remained friends. even after years of not seeing each other much because of college, we still feel like no time has passed and we are still high school best friends. she's my soul friend...what can i say?

so Saturday, she invited me to come with her and her parents to look at an apartment, which just so happens to be the same apartment building our grandparents lived in. i hadn't been there since my grandma moved when i was thirteen, so it was a little piece of childhood nostalgia walking inside. the smells, the wallpaper, and the friendship between Jenn and i were all the same. while we were going through the different options, a man buzzed in and needed help with something. the office manager helped him and returned to us. something was said and we explained the story about our grandparents and our friendship. the manager asked where my grandma had lived and when i told him, his eyes got wide. he goes, "that man that was just in here, he lives in that apartment your grandma had." HOW WEIRD IS THAT?! i had some crazy goosebumps and spent the rest of my day with a smile on my face.

it's the simple things that remind us of our loved ones. if we are lucky enough, they send us little messages here and there. we just have to keep an open mind and find them.

Monday, March 17, 2014

fingers crossed

there were a few awesome things that happened last week that could lead to even more awesome things. i don't want to get my hopes up, i try not to do that in case it doesn't work out. but i can't help but feel the butterflies from excitement of the possibilities.

sometimes i fear i'm not good enough for certain things to happen...that's a big thing to fear. i'm working on getting past that and know that I am worth it. Just the doubt that sometimes settles in that interrupts that confidence. i should have added that to my new year's resolution list.

basically, my phone will be by me all week long. and i will be working my nerves out on the treadmill any chance i get.

Friday, March 14, 2014

here's to happiness {by Brandi}

here is what makes Brandi incredibly happy...


1. my puppies
2. my sister
3. good food
4. my best friends
5. when a sunset or sunrise is really pretty. Especially when it has pink in it -- even if it is caused by polution

{photo by weheartit}

Friday, March 7, 2014

here's to happiness {by Morgaine}

here is what makes morgaine incredibly happy...


1. new haircut
2. reading
3. writing
4. my cat
5. my husband
6. my family
7. girls' night
8. knitting
9. church
10. running

Thursday, March 6, 2014

a handwritten letter

when's the last time you had a pen pal? elementary school? maybe high school? i can't remember the last time i had a pen pal...if ever. handwritten letters are something of the past it seems. unless it is a rare romantic gesture, it's something that doesn't happen very often. and i miss it, to be honest.

in my desk, second drawer down to be exact, sits a stack of letters i've received over the years. most of them are love letters from old boyfriends i swore i would love forever. a couple of months ago, a good friend of mine and i found them and i let her read a couple of them. they were so innocent! especially from my first "love" when i was fourteen. they were so sweet and innocent and adorable.

anyways, a friend on facebook was talking about how much she misses penpals and getting a handwritten letter in the mail. i can remember the excitement of opening the letter and knowing that it was for me. i would go inside, pull out PAPER and a PEN and write back, excited to slip it in the mail the next day.

it's such a simple thing, yet something we take for granted and something that can easily make someone's day. when my cousin first went overseas, i loved writing to him and getting letters back. something i want to include in this post is Operation Gratitude. it's a really cool organization that allows people to write to those overseas and those who may have been injured during battle. i highly recommend you all check it out.

next time you go to write an email to someone you love, try writing them a handwritten letter instead. i bet you will both end up with smiles.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

writing untitled book #3

...okay, i lied. i have a title. but because of how up and down i was with my second {it had three different titles...sorry about that} i am not going to put it out there. it only bites me in the butt!

it feels so good to be writing again. my second one is {loose use of this word} done. it's written. i like it. friends have liked it. i just need to dive in head first and get this thing out there. but in the mean time, of course, another idea has come into my mind. mostly at know, when i am trying to sleep. but i have found that some of my best material has come when i am just about to drift off to sleep.

along with working out, i am trying to write at least once a day. even a line or two. something that gets the novel going. even if it doesn't end up being a novel in the end. if that makes any sense.

something i brought up with a friend a couple of weeks ago was a fear of mine. and i am intrigued to learn if other writers feel this way. i am always nervous that what i write and put out there is going to be taken too seriously. if people who know me are going to constantly wonder if what i write is part reality. i want to say this for the record. of course feelings, emotions, events have an effect on how we express ourselves. we couldn't write about something if we knew nothing about it. heartbreak, death, love, life, happiness, is all apart of us in one way or another. my friend assured me that this is not true. he told me "trust me, that's not what they're thinking about when they {friends and family} are reading your work." i took comfort in that. but it still worries me and at the same time forces me to write in such a way that people could never think that this was my own reality.

maybe i'm thinking too much. maybe i shouldn't worry so much and just write? so writing i am.

"i believed all of his lies. which, when i thought about it, made me a liar myself." - book #3

Monday, March 3, 2014

today, i am thankful for many things

  • for two new zumba instructors at the gym. i haven't had the chance to try either of them out yet, but i hear they are awesome and will really give you a work out.

  • for sales at Kohls that let me buy things that brighten up my room without spending too much

  • for friends near and far

  • for a mom and dad who have always let me "spread my wings."

  • for a brother who makes me so happy when he comes to me for help on anything. even essays and school stuff. makes me feel valuable.

  • for my education. i sure am lucky.

  • for prayers. for strength and hope my heavenly father gives me whenever I open up and talk and do my best. i sure am happy he is always there.

  • for my mom’s cooking. you have no idea.

  • for arcade fire. their music is WOW. {photo below}

  • for my church and priest who make scripture so relatable every week.

  • for heat and warm, fluffy blankets.

  • for my family. i just love my brother and parents so much.

  • for my life. i am a very lucky girl to have it. it’s so beautiful. i feel blessed.

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