Wednesday, February 26, 2014

oh, february

i try my hardest not to complain about the weather. i did a post a few months ago about trying to enjoy what we have when we have it. {i may need to revisit that post as a reminder to not complain, but, whatever}

we go into november and december, anxious for a snowy thanksgiving or a white christmas. even on new years it's nice to see white outside. but what happens when those holidays are over? there is this huge gap in between new years and spring. go on vacation?

the bitter cold this past month or two has been horrible. the snow and slush make driving awful even on the shortest of drives. don't even get me started on the up and down temperatures we had in the past week. 50 degrees to 15 degrees, not cool, mother nature, not cool.

oh well, i shouldn't complain. because we have another month {i hope that's all} of this stuff. i cant wait until i look out my window and see green again. i'm thinking green might be my new favorite color.

but for now, i'll curl up in my blanket, cup of hot chocolate in my hand and close my eyes envisioning warmer days...

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