Tuesday, December 10, 2013


MUA lipsticks collection review swatches of all MUA lipsticks I

lately i've been getting a lot of emails and messages asking about my lipstick color. {which i LOVE}

i am in no way a pro at deciphering what color to wear for what skin tone or any of that.

but bright colors are so fun to wear and i think anyone can pull them off.

{you, really, you just need to go for it!}

my favorite shades currently happen to all be from NARS Cosmetics

red lizard, heat wave and carthage
if you’re feeling really bold, go with Revlon's kiss me coral for a pinkish color.

i also love MACs their dangerous or ruby woo shade.

just remember to have fun with lipstick! i always feel like myself with a bright color. what do you like to wear?


  1. I can't decide, really :D I love red shades throughout the year. For fall/winter I prefer berry, plum, and burgundy shades.

  2. I agree! Definitely at the beginning of fall I love a plum shade. I love experimenting though :)