Friday, November 1, 2013


oh october, you were something else.

i started working at my amazing job as a marketing intern/assistant and i have loved every minute of it. even if i have to share my desk for now.

i faced my fears and spoke in front of a crowd i didn't know would be for 45 minutes and came out of it without crying.

i went to the pumpkin patch and had so much fun picking out my pumpkin. yeah, i'm

i went to salt fork state park campground for a weekend with family and took some amazing photos

i took a few extra minutes each day to look at my surroundings and be thankful.

i realized the importance to capturing moments as often as you can and that just because you don't have a fancy camera to do so, iphones and apps are great substitutes.

i went to church for the first time in awhile and remembered the importance of it.

i went to the doctor for foot surgery and came out with a biopsy taken from my shoulder.

i visited an amazing, quaint winery where i fell in love my surroundings, the food and oh, yeah, the wine ;)

i discovered the beautiful impact of bright lipstick, went through my closet and got rid of the darker clothes and opened my mind to buying brighter ones.

i helped pass out candy for the trick-or-treaters on Halloween

i started this blog which has been such an awesome experience so far and it's only been a couple of weeks! can't wait to see where this takes me.

happy November 1st.

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