Wednesday, November 6, 2013

love comes slow and it goes so fast

i've been thinking a lot lately about things that make me nervous. like those big kid decisions that change a lot of things. things that are hard to give up.

i'm twenty-three and i feel like i know what i want out of my life but it's scary to take the steps to get there. it's like i have levels of what i want. do i go for the best or settle for what will be good enough is what i seem to be asking myself here.

life moves too fast. it really does and i remember being told that in passing when i was younger. but it's true. and im trying to remember that each day is a new day and to find the good and love out of it no matter what.

there's reassurance in the fact that at some point, i'll get to my decision.

yep, i'll get there.



  1. This is so true, I really like this post a lot!

  2. Thanks, Vinnie! Glad you liked it.