Monday, November 18, 2013

i love...

i love the new crisp feel outside as fall slowly transitions into winter. or in my case, overnight.

i love that this means it’s definitely time to bring out all of my sweaters, hats and scarves.  (actually, maybe i’ve already pulled them out, and maybe i've been wearing them faithfully for the last month and a half because, well, i feel like it.)

i love vanilla tea and you can bet that along with my sweaters, i've been drinking it in my big hug mug with a huge smile on my face. i also love tazo's sweet orange tea. yum.

i love when my dog freaks out when i walk in the door. howling, jumping and everything. he's pretty darn cute.

i love when i find time at night to read the scriptures and use my study guide as a guide to learn more. i am thankful for and love the strength and happiness they bring into my life.

i love how i'm discovering how much i love {sometimes} running {when i'm not coughing up a lung} and yoga.

i love walking outside without my phone. shocking, i know. i'd rather look around me and take in my surroundings, the sounds and the smells of fall without being distracted.

i love my blog.

i love changing my room up a bit. even if i move a lamp, or rearrange my bookshelf. small changes are good.

i love my brand new white sheets i got from the store.

i love my life. i do. and i am thankful for all of it.

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