Tuesday, November 12, 2013

i have what, again?

so, remember that post about my biopsy a few weeks ago? maybe not because it was one of my first ones on this blog and wasn't too interesting, anyway.

a short recap: had a biopsy of skin patch that was making dermatologist nervous. had it removed and waited THREE WEEKS to hear back about it.

the results: melanoma.

my thoughts: all over the place.

i know it's not breast cancer. i know it's not lung cancer. but it's cancer. and it's the worst type of skin cancer you can have. it spreads to other parts of your body and can make you really sick.

the worst part of this right now? having to wait to weeks or more for answers. i have to go back in for a deeper and wider biopsy to make sure they removed it all. and then i have to have a lymph node test to make sure it hasn't spread.

no words for that, really.

so yeah, it's a scary and emotional thing. i'm not, in any way, trying to take away the word from those who fight every single day for their lives or those who have lost their lives from cancer...but i won't lie when i say i'm nervous.

but i'm also confident and staying positive. i'm healthy. i'm young and i have no other symtoms.

so that's where i've been for the last two days. in another world.


  1. It's a good thing that they caught it now instead of later! I've heard that that's a very common thing. Stay positive!

  2. You're young, active, healthy and I'm sending positive thoughts (and many prayers) your way :)

  3. :( I am so sorry! My Mom and Dad both had that and my Mom had Breast Cancer and My Dad had Prostate Cancer. They are both doing well and had all of it removed with success. So, with the advances that have been made, I would definitely stay positive. I am sending you good thoughts! xoxo

  4. Alex...where was the patch that was removed? Just curious...I have so many moles that I should get checked. Anyway...my mom has had several patches removed. I hope all works out...saying prayer for you right now!!!

  5. It was on the top of my shoulder-the prime spot for a burn and I KNOW that's how I got it. I'm thinking, hoping and praying it's the end of it all, but it's still scary! Thank you very much!

  6. Alex I've been behind on reading your posts. I had no idea is everything ok??????

  7. that's okay! and right now, yes. but we won't know anything until I have a deeper biopsy of where the cancer was and then a lymph node biopsy. going to be a very "on edge" week after that happens.