Wednesday, November 13, 2013

happy birthday, little brother

how are you 21?

so you're not so little anymore...but you're still my little brother, okay?

and i got you a harry potter platform 9 and 3/4 ticket phone case. you loved it.

and i'm making you cake tomorrow. you'll probably eat the whole thing.

thanks for always going to midnight showings with me for movies, late night "i'm bored" outings, your confidence in me, your awesome taste in style {your kids will someday be very well dressed, i'm sure} and your friendship.

i love you and you make me laugh like we were five and seven again.

happiest of birthday wishes to my friend and brother, Mitch.


^^^ circa 1993/1994


^^^ 2010 when i fell in love with the city and my favorite picture of us


^^^ don't hate me for posting this!


^^^ 2012

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