Thursday, November 21, 2013

guest post: homemade wreath

About six months ago I graduated college and moved out of my parents’ house. Moving into a new place has given me plenty of opportunity to use my decorating skills and taste. But this time between Halloween and Thanksgiving has been a little complicated. It’s still fall so the pumpkins can stay, but I had to put all my “scary” dĂ©cor away. At first I had a bit of trouble thinking of what I could do to add around the house. So I decided a wreath was one way to go. (Plus I’m on a budget!)


All you will need is scissors, a ruler, a wire hangar and scraps of fabric.


Start by making the hangar into a circle. It does not have to be perfect because you won’t be seeing it once the wreath is complete.


I used fabric by Elements Jelly. They are premade scraps which makes it much more convenient to pick out fabric and to cut it up. The set I purchased was 2.5”x48” strips.

But you could grab any fabric and cut it into 2.5”x7”

I got mine from JoAnn Fabrics – remember to always google a coupon before going!

I always look one up on my phone while I’m in the store and usually I end up with 40% off!


I did not double knot these, but you can if you desire.

If you would like the wreath to be fluffier then cut your strips longer.


I didn’t follow a pattern of color with my wreath.

I just grabbed whatever color I felt like would look good next.


Ours is currently on our front door.

This craft is super easy and can also be something fun to do with children.
It can be modified to any color and theme and is wonderfully cheap.

Thank you Alex for sharing your blog with me!
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