Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a little Q&A


i was browsing through some of my favorite blogs this morning and came across a fun little post on Note to Self. I had to share it and participate in it as well. thanks for the inspiration!

1. spring or fall?

i have to say, and i think you all know the answer to this, fall is my favorite out of these two. the air is crisp, the colors are warm despite the cooler weather and the flavors and smells that come with the season are enough to make me giddy. just thinking about them

2. your quirkiest habit?

i am extremely organized. it bugs me but is something i love. when my desk is messy, i can't write. when my room is messy and my clothes are thrown all over the place {i swear, i'm working on it} i can't go to sleep. yes, i have gotten out of bed after midnight to clean up my room. when i toss and turn, i know why. just look at my floor.

3. hour of the day you're most productive?

i would say either in the morning or at night. i used to wake up at four in the morning to study for exams in college because that's when i would remember more. but at night, when i get some time to wind down, i love doing some of the things i hadn't had time to in the day.

4. what's a reoccurring dream you have?

my grandma hugging me.

5. heels or flats?

being as tall as i am, i am a huge sucker for flats and i am discovering how much fun it can be to dress up an outfit just by slipping them on my feet.

6. something your readers may not know about you?

the name for this blog came from how i sign my books. i put an actual heart and then loop it into my name. it's faster than writing 'love' but that's the idea behind it: love, Alexandria.

7. one person you want to meet - living or dead?

John F, Kennedy. hands down. or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

8. the fashion trend you'd never be caught dead in?

patterned overalls or patterned leggings. colored leggings i will do. but that's the extent.

9. one piece of advice you would give to your thirteen year old self?

you have your whole life to worry. don't spend so much time worrying about what other people think. be you.

(Heels photograph by Josefina AndrĂ©s)

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