Wednesday, November 27, 2013

a little change for the holidays

i needed a change. and honestly...this feels a little bit more like me right now. and i kind of love them. even if i am still trying to learn how to manage them.

products used: pureology and pantene volume mousse.


and i have to admit. the head massage after my shampoo and conditioner felt amazing after the month i've had. Monday i found out that i have to have a larger portion of skin removed to make sure the cancer is gone and i also have to have a sentinel node biopsy. all in the same day during the same surgery. little nerve wrecking because i know i'll have to wait to find out if the cancer had spread. and that scares me.

but today... i had some good definitive positive news. no more skin cancer! the one on my shoulder was a fluke which somehow makes me feel better.

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