Wednesday, November 27, 2013

i'm thankful for...


doctors and how their words can be so reassuring.

food on the table.


sweaters and big warm, fluffy blankets.

my health - besides the melanoma.

my family.

my friends.

my jobs even when i am stressed and exhausted by the end of the night.

my dog.

my car even though it doesn't run very well half the time.

new york city.

a little change for the holidays

i needed a change. and honestly...this feels a little bit more like me right now. and i kind of love them. even if i am still trying to learn how to manage them.

products used: pureology and pantene volume mousse.


and i have to admit. the head massage after my shampoo and conditioner felt amazing after the month i've had. Monday i found out that i have to have a larger portion of skin removed to make sure the cancer is gone and i also have to have a sentinel node biopsy. all in the same day during the same surgery. little nerve wrecking because i know i'll have to wait to find out if the cancer had spread. and that scares me.

but today... i had some good definitive positive news. no more skin cancer! the one on my shoulder was a fluke which somehow makes me feel better.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

shake shack obsessed

the title should say it all. because, I swear, there is no better place than shake shack. i think one of the first things i asked to go do was get a burger and milkshake from shake shack. it didn't happen that night but you better believe for lunch that next afternoon it did!


and you better believe i had it again.

i hope i'm blessed with a daughter or two someday to have tea parties with

as soon as we were seated in alice's tea cup, i remembered how adorable and charming it is to just be in that restaurant.

the cut little tea cups all mismatched, the delicious tea and the atmosphere all come together to make this place a favorite. the wording on the wall from the children's book is also a wonderful touch.

so to my future daughter(s) i can't wait to have a tea party with you at alice's



i'm beginning to notice a pattern...

…but my salads and vegetables just never seem cool enough for a blog post.

maybe when i go to NYC one of the things i look forward to most are the bagels at the star lite deli on 44th. something about them there are just so much better than the ones anywhere else.

maybe i say it's no biggie because i'm on vacation.

oh how i wish that were a good enough excuse.



Monday, November 25, 2013

one of the most magical things i've seen in new york city

well, it's one of the most magical things i've heard and seen in new York city.
tuesday night was the night for holiday window unveiling, it seemed. Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman were the two main ones.

i was so excited and lucky to be able to attend the event and just the event itself got me into the holiday mood!

Josh Groban performed after the amazing New York Children's Choir and boy, let me tell you. i was in tears half of the time because it was just so beautiful.


^^^ i was so proud of them and i didn't even know them


…and it was one of the most magical things i have ever heard.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


i'm home.

after three hours waiting for a delayed plane in LaGuardia.

after having a bottle of jack daniels spilled down my leg and into my boot on the plane.

after an amazing and fun filled week in my favorite city.

after making so many awesome memories

and taking a million pictures.

i'm home.

and i can't wait to share my week with you.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

guest post: homemade wreath

About six months ago I graduated college and moved out of my parents’ house. Moving into a new place has given me plenty of opportunity to use my decorating skills and taste. But this time between Halloween and Thanksgiving has been a little complicated. It’s still fall so the pumpkins can stay, but I had to put all my “scary” décor away. At first I had a bit of trouble thinking of what I could do to add around the house. So I decided a wreath was one way to go. (Plus I’m on a budget!)


All you will need is scissors, a ruler, a wire hangar and scraps of fabric.


Start by making the hangar into a circle. It does not have to be perfect because you won’t be seeing it once the wreath is complete.


I used fabric by Elements Jelly. They are premade scraps which makes it much more convenient to pick out fabric and to cut it up. The set I purchased was 2.5”x48” strips.

But you could grab any fabric and cut it into 2.5”x7”

I got mine from JoAnn Fabrics – remember to always google a coupon before going!

I always look one up on my phone while I’m in the store and usually I end up with 40% off!


I did not double knot these, but you can if you desire.

If you would like the wreath to be fluffier then cut your strips longer.


I didn’t follow a pattern of color with my wreath.

I just grabbed whatever color I felt like would look good next.


Ours is currently on our front door.

This craft is super easy and can also be something fun to do with children.
It can be modified to any color and theme and is wonderfully cheap.

Thank you Alex for sharing your blog with me!
I invite others to check out my blog featuring personal entries and more crafts!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

guest post: holiday traditions

Want to add a few new traditions to your families upcoming holidays? Here are a few of my favorites.


Christmas Tree Search Party-

My family drives up north about an hour to go to a Christmas tree farm where there are horse rides, bonfires, apple cider, hot cocoa, smores, tire swings and lots of other fun activities. (They have beer or whiskey for the men in my family). It's great fun to watch tipsy family members tease each other and argue over what tree is better.


The Christmas Pickle-

It's rumored that Germans brought over this goody. A Pickle Christmas Tree ornament is hidden some where on the Christmas Tree. Who ever finds the pickle gets the prize (at least that's the rules my mother goes by). Our family prize is always a gift card. Some families though say that it represents the persons good fortune for the upcoming year.


Gingerbread houses (Ew!)

I have never enjoyed ginger bread so my mother always let me make my house with graham crackers. Waaayyy better (thanks mom!). One might think that building gingerbread houses is silly when you're no longer 10. I beg to differ. When Rach and I were 17 and 19 we made fabulous little love shacks... I mean houses. Some great memories always come from trying to sabotage another's work. Done with sisterly love, I assure you.


The Festival of Lights

"Get in the car!" Mother was always so patient. Another great thing my family does is load up in the car with whatever snacks we have made (fudge or popcorn balls) and set off to see what neighborhood has been deemed the most amazing place for Christmas lights displays. It's really cool to see how creative people get and guess how much their electric bill is.


Hanukkah is celebrated in a great way. People light a candle to remember the great miracle their God provided them with when they had no oil to keep their lamps lit. The lamp they had stayed lit for 8 days. So every night for 8 days in a row they light one of the candles with the help of a 9th candled the shamash (helper). They also love to fry food during these 8 days to celebrate even being able to have oil.


My family goes to midnight mass. Pretty much so we can stay awake (hyped up on coffee and ridiculous amounts of sugar) and open a few presents before exhaustion over takes us. (When I say us I mean the adults.)

Christmas Movies

Movies are beyond important in our family. It's how we get the kids to sit down and shut up while we cook. I'm though I did hear my grandmother say that when I was younger. My favorite is A White Christmas. My mom loves all things Charlie Brown. I'll just make a list for you:

A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th street, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Santa Clause (Tim the Tool Man Taylor), Elf, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and It's a Wonderful Life.

Dear Santa Letters.  How cute is this? I'm going to do this when I have my own children.

I think that's all my family does. Share your family traditions for the upcoming holidays below.

xo oneofficialhotmess

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

guest post: holiday lip scrub

Hi Everyone! My name is Brittany and I'm a Lifestyle & Beauty blogger over at Life, Set Sail. I am so excited to be here with you today, and even more excited about the post I have to share!

This time of year I find myself fawning over anything Christmas inspired...from fashion, to home decor, to beauty. The products at Lush are downright decadent, but if you're anything like me it's hard to justify spending very much cash on fancy soaps and scrubs!

What if I told you, you could make your very own custom lip scrub and that you probably have at least eighty percent of the ingredients in your kitchen right now?! It's easier (and yummier) than you think people! So let's get to it ;)

What you'll need:

8 teaspoons brown sugar

6 teaspoons coconut oil

6 teaspoons honey

8 drops peppermint essential oil

1 airtight container

Mix all of the ingredients together, leaving the essential oil to be added last. That's it. Really.

This project set me back less than $10. I spent $6.99 on the peppermint oil and $2.50 on the jar. Now that I have the oil, I can make however many batches I want! This recipe made about 1/4 of a cup of scrub. You can play around with the flavour too...I think orange would be another lovely option for this.

And there you have it, a perfect little treat for your kisser and a great gift for friends too!

xx -b.



*Always make sure to sterilize your jars before you put anything in them.

Monday, November 18, 2013

right now...

i'm on a plane.

about to see the beautiful sights of the city


photo 3CACKDXL5

i love...

i love the new crisp feel outside as fall slowly transitions into winter. or in my case, overnight.

i love that this means it’s definitely time to bring out all of my sweaters, hats and scarves.  (actually, maybe i’ve already pulled them out, and maybe i've been wearing them faithfully for the last month and a half because, well, i feel like it.)

i love vanilla tea and you can bet that along with my sweaters, i've been drinking it in my big hug mug with a huge smile on my face. i also love tazo's sweet orange tea. yum.

i love when my dog freaks out when i walk in the door. howling, jumping and everything. he's pretty darn cute.

i love when i find time at night to read the scriptures and use my study guide as a guide to learn more. i am thankful for and love the strength and happiness they bring into my life.

i love how i'm discovering how much i love {sometimes} running {when i'm not coughing up a lung} and yoga.

i love walking outside without my phone. shocking, i know. i'd rather look around me and take in my surroundings, the sounds and the smells of fall without being distracted.

i love my blog.

i love changing my room up a bit. even if i move a lamp, or rearrange my bookshelf. small changes are good.

i love my brand new white sheets i got from the store.

i love my life. i do. and i am thankful for all of it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

new york city, here i come

two days, people!

two days and i will finally, once again, be in the city that never sleeps. and i have a feeling i won't be doing much of that at all.

sorry my posts have been kind of scattered. i've been busy planning guest posts, scheduled posts and all that on top of PACKING and getting ready. not to mention working like crazy.

finally, the other night being the procrastinator i am...i started packing.

photo 1 (4)

^^^ bright colors, oversized sweaters, jean shirt and scarves and hats. LOTS of scarves.

i'm definitely getting there! of course i'm packing my brightest of lipsticks because i feel like new york city is one of the best places to wear them.

if it weren't for my family, i would be living in new york right now. but i love them too much.

speaking of family, as mentioned in my previous post, it was my brother's 21st birthday (wooooot!) and we celebrated last night with cake, ice cream and presents. i love baking so i volunteered to make him a favorite: dark chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. the cake wasn't homemade (gotta love those boxed cake mixes) but the frosting was and i even had extra to freeze to use for another time!

photo 3 (1)

busy last few days but i am SO excited for next week. work that morning and then hopping on a plane. see you soon, beautiful city.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

happy birthday, little brother

how are you 21?

so you're not so little anymore...but you're still my little brother, okay?

and i got you a harry potter platform 9 and 3/4 ticket phone case. you loved it.

and i'm making you cake tomorrow. you'll probably eat the whole thing.

thanks for always going to midnight showings with me for movies, late night "i'm bored" outings, your confidence in me, your awesome taste in style {your kids will someday be very well dressed, i'm sure} and your friendship.

i love you and you make me laugh like we were five and seven again.

happiest of birthday wishes to my friend and brother, Mitch.


^^^ circa 1993/1994


^^^ 2010 when i fell in love with the city and my favorite picture of us


^^^ don't hate me for posting this!


^^^ 2012

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


monday night the temperature drastically went down. the feeling in the air was frigid and the smell was even cold. by the time i had climbed into bed, there was already a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground.

i even left my blinds open all night so i could see the snowfall.

there's something so magical about the first, real, snowfall. and boy, did i feel it.

when i woke up the next morning, it was STILL THERE and STILL SNOWING.

i couldn't even be mad about scraping my car off or the dumb drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow.

it was all glorious.

photo 2 (4)

^^^ i mean, come on, how can it get prettier?

photo 1 (1)

^^^ sorry for the was through my window but i loved how you could see the colors on the leaves still against the white.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

i have what, again?

so, remember that post about my biopsy a few weeks ago? maybe not because it was one of my first ones on this blog and wasn't too interesting, anyway.

a short recap: had a biopsy of skin patch that was making dermatologist nervous. had it removed and waited THREE WEEKS to hear back about it.

the results: melanoma.

my thoughts: all over the place.

i know it's not breast cancer. i know it's not lung cancer. but it's cancer. and it's the worst type of skin cancer you can have. it spreads to other parts of your body and can make you really sick.

the worst part of this right now? having to wait to weeks or more for answers. i have to go back in for a deeper and wider biopsy to make sure they removed it all. and then i have to have a lymph node test to make sure it hasn't spread.

no words for that, really.

so yeah, it's a scary and emotional thing. i'm not, in any way, trying to take away the word from those who fight every single day for their lives or those who have lost their lives from cancer...but i won't lie when i say i'm nervous.

but i'm also confident and staying positive. i'm healthy. i'm young and i have no other symtoms.

so that's where i've been for the last two days. in another world.

things that scare me...

nights alone by myself.

the dark after watching scary movies.

when my dog barks in the middle of the night or in the morning at nothing.

sometimes...the future.


spiders in my room {there rarely are but when there are... i freak}

the word cancer. i've heard it too much this year.

small spaces {slides, getting stuck in an elevator, in a car on a bridge--it always feels smaller}

mean people.

Monday, November 11, 2013

happy veterans' day!

i want to take a minute and thank all of the service men and women who have sacrificed their lives to make sure ours are safe. to those who have fallen during battle or those who have since passed away, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

to my grandpa F. whom i wish i would have had a longer time with, thank you.

to my grandpa R. thank you for your time and dedication.

to my cousin steven, thank you for all that you do. you say goodbye to your family so that we can all be safe.

to those i don't know, know that i am praying for your safe return and thank you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

more than you know

so i was busy last night. i went through the files for my book, More Than You Know, to make changes i had been writing down for awhile.

i've read every single one of my readers' reviews and comments and taken everything into consideration. i fixed some things that were confusing {and shook my head at them because, really, they were} and updated my links and about the author.

so to my will probably receive an update on your kindle's soon and for new readers, your versions are all up to date! Also...there is a difference in the preview for my second book, Like Crazy, so make sure to check that out.

thanks, lovelies.


Friday, November 8, 2013

this morning it was snowing...

and it made me smile ear to ear.

it was cooooold today and i bundled up in anticipation of it. but when i walked outside to my car, the blustery snowflakes made everything worth it.

a surprise ending to a dull night is always a good thing

today was just...blah.

i woke up too early on my morning off, the day dragged on before having to go into work.

so when i got a text message from a friend asking me to help her with something tonight, i was like, "YES PLEASE!"

the fabulous Jenn and i go way back. somehow through good and bad, we have always come out friends. if we haven't seen each other in awhile, when we finally do hang out, it's like no time has passed. she's just awesome and i'm lucky to have a friend like her.

we met at my place and she explained she needed me to teach her how to do her hair for tomorrow night. and surprisingly, and luckily, it turned out pretty well!

but that's not the best part. we talked for a few hours and, like always, i'm reminded how much i enjoy catching up with her.

so my dearest friend, jennifred, thank you for a great pick me up tonight.

photo 2CAX8EMK5

^^^ this is from forever ago! but always one of my favorites.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

love comes slow and it goes so fast

i've been thinking a lot lately about things that make me nervous. like those big kid decisions that change a lot of things. things that are hard to give up.

i'm twenty-three and i feel like i know what i want out of my life but it's scary to take the steps to get there. it's like i have levels of what i want. do i go for the best or settle for what will be good enough is what i seem to be asking myself here.

life moves too fast. it really does and i remember being told that in passing when i was younger. but it's true. and im trying to remember that each day is a new day and to find the good and love out of it no matter what.

there's reassurance in the fact that at some point, i'll get to my decision.

yep, i'll get there.


what i'm listening to...

i love discovering new music. i've found Beirut, devotchka {oh my gosh, can we talk about 'how it ends'?} and many others from suggestions across bloggers.

this song gets to me. you know, the kind that makes you stop and think about what it's saying and try not to cry while driving. sorry people i passed who thought something was really wrong...i was just moved.

a little Q&A


i was browsing through some of my favorite blogs this morning and came across a fun little post on Note to Self. I had to share it and participate in it as well. thanks for the inspiration!

1. spring or fall?

i have to say, and i think you all know the answer to this, fall is my favorite out of these two. the air is crisp, the colors are warm despite the cooler weather and the flavors and smells that come with the season are enough to make me giddy. just thinking about them

2. your quirkiest habit?

i am extremely organized. it bugs me but is something i love. when my desk is messy, i can't write. when my room is messy and my clothes are thrown all over the place {i swear, i'm working on it} i can't go to sleep. yes, i have gotten out of bed after midnight to clean up my room. when i toss and turn, i know why. just look at my floor.

3. hour of the day you're most productive?

i would say either in the morning or at night. i used to wake up at four in the morning to study for exams in college because that's when i would remember more. but at night, when i get some time to wind down, i love doing some of the things i hadn't had time to in the day.

4. what's a reoccurring dream you have?

my grandma hugging me.

5. heels or flats?

being as tall as i am, i am a huge sucker for flats and i am discovering how much fun it can be to dress up an outfit just by slipping them on my feet.

6. something your readers may not know about you?

the name for this blog came from how i sign my books. i put an actual heart and then loop it into my name. it's faster than writing 'love' but that's the idea behind it: love, Alexandria.

7. one person you want to meet - living or dead?

John F, Kennedy. hands down. or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

8. the fashion trend you'd never be caught dead in?

patterned overalls or patterned leggings. colored leggings i will do. but that's the extent.

9. one piece of advice you would give to your thirteen year old self?

you have your whole life to worry. don't spend so much time worrying about what other people think. be you.

(Heels photograph by Josefina Andrés)

Monday, November 4, 2013


it's so interesting to put things into perspective in terms of numbers. when i was reading a fantastic blog i read a post about aging and it made me think: i'm nearing my mid twenties... time to get on some things i want out life. but we all must be careful to not overlook the present while staring into the future.

here are some fun, silly things about me. right now. at this moment.

10 Years Ago… i was 13. about to meet the guy who i swore was my first love. i was too worried about the little things and obsessed with writing {well, that hasn't changed.}

5 things on my to do list… get a full time job {even though i somehow love all four of my current ones}, pay my bills, eat healthier, work out 5 times a week, buy a plane ticket home from my trip to NYC in two weeks {my mom is convinced i won't be coming home. she said she wouldn't be surprised. i wouldn't either}, repaint my nails, do my bible study, read the book i bought two weeks ago...oh, that's more than five? Woops.

5 snacks/food I enjoy… nutella...on everything, graham crackers dipped in Bigelow French vanilla toast, homemade pizza, pumpkin spice bagels, fruit. so much fruit.

5 favorite things… 1. my life 2. my family, values and faith 3. bright colored clothes and lipstick 4. new York city 5. Lush bath products

5 favorite places I have been to… 1. new York city 2. chicago, il 3. bar harbor, maine 4. washington d.c., maryland 5. florida

5 things most people don’t know about me…
1. i actually enjoy where i am living...even though it's not the city 2. when i'm home alone, i can't sleep in my room. i always end up in the living room on the couch with a movie on. 3. i love cold weather 4. i miss school sometimes and challenging myself on a daily basis 5. i hate my car. with a passion.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

a walk in the neighborhood

this morning i woke up to a beautiful blue sky with colors of the leaves at their brightest.

i just woke up happy, and i love mornings like that. it could have been Daylight Savings Time {thank you, fall back} or my brand new sheets that i absolutely LOVE. see picture below


^^^ i bought them from kohls!

so after i had my morning cup of coffee, i decided it would the perfect opportunity for a walk on this gorgeous day! with the temps in the 40s, i happily slipped my winter coat on and my winter boots.

my neightborhood is always so pretty this time of year. i may be biased, and sure, places like NYC are a dream when it comes to fall and winter. but i'm thankful for what i have.

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

tall girl problems

thank you, huffington post, for this.



^^^ via

this afternoon was such an informative and fun one! when I first started looking into seriously blogging, I came across the twitter handle (@BlogBrunch), blogbrunch. Every month they host an hour long informative session where you network and connect with other bloggers.

blogbrunch provides you with topics and you sound off with the hashtags on twitter.

I can't tell you how excited I was to partake in it!

here is what I learned:

  • if you are going to do sponsored posts {which, is so new to me and still looking into} make sure that you have more than enough regular content. keep the percentage of sponsored content less than 20%.

  • if you are starting out and want to look into ad hosting, keep your rates low. the suggested range is $5-10 a month starting out.

  • don't be afraid to reach out to other bloggers for help, guest posts or giveaways.

  • make sure you are following the proper FTC guidelines for disclaimers. a wonderful blogger suggested this which I will be digging into and learning about before anything.

  • have fun and be original!

I absolutely loved talking with all of you ladies. so many wonderful ideas and information along with beautiful and fun blogs that are now in my favorites!

can't wait to keep learning!

Friday, November 1, 2013


oh october, you were something else.

i started working at my amazing job as a marketing intern/assistant and i have loved every minute of it. even if i have to share my desk for now.

i faced my fears and spoke in front of a crowd i didn't know would be for 45 minutes and came out of it without crying.

i went to the pumpkin patch and had so much fun picking out my pumpkin. yeah, i'm

i went to salt fork state park campground for a weekend with family and took some amazing photos

i took a few extra minutes each day to look at my surroundings and be thankful.

i realized the importance to capturing moments as often as you can and that just because you don't have a fancy camera to do so, iphones and apps are great substitutes.

i went to church for the first time in awhile and remembered the importance of it.

i went to the doctor for foot surgery and came out with a biopsy taken from my shoulder.

i visited an amazing, quaint winery where i fell in love my surroundings, the food and oh, yeah, the wine ;)

i discovered the beautiful impact of bright lipstick, went through my closet and got rid of the darker clothes and opened my mind to buying brighter ones.

i helped pass out candy for the trick-or-treaters on Halloween

i started this blog which has been such an awesome experience so far and it's only been a couple of weeks! can't wait to see where this takes me.

happy November 1st.

cp (2)