Friday, October 18, 2013

your cozy fall must haves

this is going to be a fun post. i have many must haves when it comes to chilly nights and even chillier mornings (coming out of the shower at 8am and it feels like its 10 degrees in your bedroom -- ouch).

listed below are some of my favorite things. and i really hope you share some of yours because i love discovering new cozy things.

lauren conrad leggings. they fit perfectly and hug me so wonderfully. buy them here.

my candles. bath and body works is probably sick of me. i always come in when i know their new scents are out. my favorite fall scent, this year, is blackberry spice. and it comes in the cutest little mason jar.

slippers. they're so cozy.

french vanilla tea. with graham crackers dunked in. don't judge

starbucks' pumpkin spice latte with soy. you know you love it. you know you're addicted to it.

my red blanket my cousin got me for a bridesmaid thank you gift. it's the perfect size and always warms me up.

my scarves. oh my scarves. i will always find a reason to wear one.

red lipstick. or orange. or reddish-pink. yes this is cozy...okay?

{my favorite shades to wear are this, this, and this}

a good book while i'm wearing my favorite sweater, my leggings, my slippers and my red blanket while sipping tea.


please share yours! i'd love to hear some of them and check them out.

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