Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the little things.

Thankful for my keurig which makes making super hot tea so much faster.
Thankful for my super old hairdryer which does the job every time.
Thankful for scarves, hats, and tall, wool socks for keeping me warm in this colder weather.
Thankful for dunkin donuts for having amazing pumpkin coffee for my morning commute.
Thankful for zumba and treadmills that keep me in shape when I decided to use them
Thankful for dreams where my grandma frahlich visits.
Thankful for the people I have to spend the upcoming holidays with. I wish everyone had some.


Thankful for a town that I am discovering more and more as I get older and appreciate it.
Thankful for journals were I can keep my many book ideas and character descriptions. I'd be lost, so very lost, without you.
Thankful for the ability to have little secrets.
Thankful for music. The good stuff, and the bad {just not super crazy pop music. that stuff is sometimes too bad}
Thankful for movies and books for forever keeping me entertained.
Thankful for nutella and bananas for always being the most perfect combination.
Thankful for my life. I really do love you.

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