Monday, October 21, 2013


do you know what the forecast said for wednesday and thursday?


do you know how happy that made me?

yes, i love fall. but i love the snow especially the first snowfall. there is something so innocent and pretty about it. it's wispy and lovely.

however, i wish we could just enjoy fall for now. we just got it!

knowing ohio, it won't snow. but still, the thought of it makes me happy :)

nevertheless i think it's safe to say goodbye to 70 and 80 degree weather!

it's the simple things, right?

oh, and i bought a tube of red lipstick yesterday. red lizard by nars.

happiness, i tell you.

the simple things.


  1. That NARS lipstick is my favorite!

    - KW

  2. I am in love with it! It's so bold and rich. I think I'm sold on that brand forever now.