Sunday, October 20, 2013

salt fork camping trip

when i was a little girl, my favorite thing was to come home from school on a friday and find out we were going camping for a weekend.

i swear, it summed up my weekends as a little kid. my dad's side of the family camped and it was what we did.

well, people got older, people got married and people became busy. it just didn't happen like it used to. so when we had the opportunity to camp over the weekend at salt fork with the whole family (minus some who couldn't make it) i dropped everything and made sure i was there.

if you haven't noticed by my other blog posts, my favorite time of the year is fall. well, at salt fork, you've hit the jackpot when it comes to scenery. at this time of year some of the leaves are still changing while most have already fallen to the ground. the air is crisp and the scent in the air is perfect.

we had a really nice time, although, saturday night was quite chilly--more excuses to sit around a fire.

i brought my writing notebook but was so busy catching up with everyone that i didn't get a chance to write anything down besides a few ideas on my iphone.

make sure to check out the photos below:

IMG_1772^^^ the drive in. how beautiful!


^^^ salt fork lodge. so many wonderful memories.


^^^ they had a harvest festival going on. that reads 840.5 lbs!




^^^ the yellow butterfly winery -- very disappointed but the outside was gorgeous.


^^^ morning sun


^^^ another of the lodge. we were searching their activity room for my grandma's handprint (you could pay to have your handprint on the wall). it's been seven years and we learned that they painted over hers. we were so sad. it would have been so nice to find especially since she passed away this year.

what did you do this weekend?