Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

this Halloween I...

went shopping for new york city supplies
was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic ON A BRIDGE
had a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks
excitedly switched my calendar over to november
walked around in the rain all day
bought healthy food {and some not so healthy 'treat' food}
checked my email like crazy for good news
had some good NYC news
browsed barnes and noble
was told my lipstick looked amazing.

it was overall a good day and continues to get better!

for many, many years we have had a small get together for trick-or-treating at our house. usually my grandma and my aunt would come over. sometimes another family with kids and they would go trick-or-treating. i was lucky growing up to have lived in such a beautiful and inviting neighborhood.

anyways, this year, trick-or-treat actually falls on Halloween! how fun is that?

my mom has been stocking up, she says, on candy and i couldn't wait to come home after work and pass it out! we order a few pizzas {mind you, my brother is 20 and can kill a box of pizza if he has to}.

of course the pizzas are no where near as amazing as my homemade ones. haha, i kid, i kid.

as for Halloween in general. I'm not a die hard fan. i don't dress up, usually and i don't do haunted houses.



will. never.

but this Halloween i was particularly into spooky movies. I watched all of the Michael Meyers movies, most of the Friday the 13th movies, the nightmare on elm st movies, paranormal activity movies {which, my gosh that first one creeped me out. the whole thing with the sheets moving!}, and many, many more.


i'm going to go pass out candy to cute kids dressed up. let's hope the rain goes away!

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