Wednesday, October 23, 2013

cellar 59

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i kept seeing this new wine cellar every time i went shopping on 59 {hence the fun play on their name}. the outside enticed me but i hadn't known anyone who had tried it. i kept asking about it and finally, today, i had a chance to try it out. and boy was i not let down.

i'm not sure if it was the beautiful dark wooden wrap around porch, or the lights hanging from the ceiling but as soon as i walked up the stone steps, i was in love. i'm a sucker for charming places and this place had it.

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the atmosphere inside was rustic but classy with a lot of charm to it. maybe it was the beautiful classic staircase or that it actually was an old house {it's a renovated 19th century abandoned farmhouse}, it feels so "home-y" inside.

and the wine and food.

oh, the wine and food.

photo 1 (2)i had just taken some medicine about fifteen minutes before so i couldn't order a glass {i had sparkling water instead} but that didn't keep me from sipping on my mom's.

my mom ordered the incognito white which was a blended white wine. it was so good and you could taste just a hint of papaya. so many of their wines sounded good and i can't wait to taste them! on top of an impressive wine list, they also have craft beers and mixed drinks.

because we hadn't had lunch yet, we ordered one of their plates of food. we got their olive plate which included thinly sliced bread with a baguette type crust, an olive spread and two smaller bowls of assorted olives and peppers. it was more than enough for the two of us but i can easily see it being split between four.

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^^^ their olive spread on the bread. AHHHmazing.
we didn't get any, but their desserts are made locally, which, in my opinion is a smart idea for any newer business. i think it offers a flare that many others like it don't have.

another thing that grabbed my attention (aside from the friendly service) was the events they have and how there are certain days of the week that are designated to something different.

here's a list of the days and the specials they offer:

tuesdays:  retail wine prices. they sell at least 100 different bottles of wine there, all featured from different countries and categorized accordingly. because they do this, they do charge an extra fee, however, on tuesdays, they don't.

wednesday: ladies day. each glass of wine was only $5-6.

fridays: flight night and also they will soon be opening up all day tastings.

saturdays: live music. they have a full list on their website through december.

this year on halloween, they are having a release party to celebrate their famous vintage wine, The Prisoner. the event is free and open to anyone who would like to join.

also on november 18th they are having a winter tasting night. the food will be catered by The Bistro and will feature sixteen different wines to choose from. reservations are required and there is a fee per person. sounds like it will be a blast and a great way to start winter and support a local wine bar.

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if you live in the stow, oh area, or even further than that {it's worth the drive!} make sure you check it out.

living in ohio, it sometimes feels impossible to find unique and awesome places like cellar 59. they've nailed it, in my opinion, and i can't wait to try more on their delicious menu. especially their mocha porter which sounds out of this world.

check them out on facebook and on their website.

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