Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a little dare

everyone seems to have a dare story hidden in the back of their mind. you know, the place people put things they don't want to remember?

well, this isn't one of those, thankfully.

so instead of posting this on facebook, where dare came from, i'll post on here for the whole world to see.

don't get too excited.

the dare is to write six random facts about me.

1. i am blessed to be able to say that I've been to almost every state in the united states before the age of eighteen.

2. i got my first speeding ticket, EVER, this summer at the age of twenty-three. let's just say i was super embarrassed and will never go over 60 in a 55 ever again. ever.

3. when i was in college, i explored and studied three different majors. speech pathology and audiology, early childhood education and then English. i guess i was indecisive. or i just have many interests. but this is the reason i was in college an extra semester...or two.

4. i have a problem with wanting things to be organized and in its place. not in a crazy way but in the way that if it's after midnight and i can't sleep, it's probably because of the mess on my floor and i usually get out of bed to put them away. crazy? i hope not.

5. i have two tattoos on my back {no, not my lower back or upper} that mean a whole lot to me. i spent over a year thinking about the idea before i had the guts to get them. in fort myers, FL

6. i currently have an obsession with: candles, leggings, sweaters, Kate Spade NY, bright lipstick (Nars in Red Lizard and Revlon in Love That Pink} blogging, pinteresting {why yes, i sure did make that word up}.

see, nothing too exciting. but that's six facts about me.

now, give me six facts about you!

I dare you.

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