Sunday, October 27, 2013

a gorgeous fall weekend

afterlight (2)

^^^yikes, just now noticed you can see the mistakes from when i painted my nails!

i have been looking forward to this weekend all week. i think i was freaked out at the beginning with possible surgery and then the whole biopsy that happened.

when friday came around, i woke up to my alarm clock with a smile on my face. i was ready for the day.

friday night i made four pizzas. all i can say is we are pizza'd out. luckily my brother can eat anything and pizza is one of his favorite things.

we had a birthday party on saturday to go to. my little cousins are growing up to be such amazing young ladies. beautiful inside and out, i always leave after seeing them with a  smile on my face.

today we went to church and let me just say...i needed it.

it has been a very long {long enough that i'm not willing to share} time since I've been in mass. last night i just felt the need to go. not because i had done something wrong but i just felt it.

during the entire hour long mass, i felt disconnected. i walked inside the church's doors with a negative attitude that i couldn't seem to shake.

i realized that this is one of the things i need to work on. i need to work on my outlook on certain things.

a side note but when we were in the store the other day, i caught myself making a face at food! something didn't sound good and i scrunched my face up. i realized then that i might be coming across the wrong way to people around me.

i'm a happy person and while i don't feel the need to show it every single second of every day {people would think i were crazy!} i need to show it more and keep my thoughts off my face.

i apologize if i'm making this post too religious but it bothered me today.

so after today, i plan on really working on things like this. be a more happy person and find what will make me happier.

already what makes me happy is my family, writing, friends, my job, my passions in life and my new found love of bright lipstick. i just can't seem to get enough of bright colors lately.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend!

what makes you happy?

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