Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

this Halloween I...

went shopping for new york city supplies
was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic ON A BRIDGE
had a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks
excitedly switched my calendar over to november
walked around in the rain all day
bought healthy food {and some not so healthy 'treat' food}
checked my email like crazy for good news
had some good NYC news
browsed barnes and noble
was told my lipstick looked amazing.

it was overall a good day and continues to get better!

for many, many years we have had a small get together for trick-or-treating at our house. usually my grandma and my aunt would come over. sometimes another family with kids and they would go trick-or-treating. i was lucky growing up to have lived in such a beautiful and inviting neighborhood.

anyways, this year, trick-or-treat actually falls on Halloween! how fun is that?

my mom has been stocking up, she says, on candy and i couldn't wait to come home after work and pass it out! we order a few pizzas {mind you, my brother is 20 and can kill a box of pizza if he has to}.

of course the pizzas are no where near as amazing as my homemade ones. haha, i kid, i kid.

as for Halloween in general. I'm not a die hard fan. i don't dress up, usually and i don't do haunted houses.



will. never.

but this Halloween i was particularly into spooky movies. I watched all of the Michael Meyers movies, most of the Friday the 13th movies, the nightmare on elm st movies, paranormal activity movies {which, my gosh that first one creeped me out. the whole thing with the sheets moving!}, and many, many more.


i'm going to go pass out candy to cute kids dressed up. let's hope the rain goes away!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the little things.

Thankful for my keurig which makes making super hot tea so much faster.
Thankful for my super old hairdryer which does the job every time.
Thankful for scarves, hats, and tall, wool socks for keeping me warm in this colder weather.
Thankful for dunkin donuts for having amazing pumpkin coffee for my morning commute.
Thankful for zumba and treadmills that keep me in shape when I decided to use them
Thankful for dreams where my grandma frahlich visits.
Thankful for the people I have to spend the upcoming holidays with. I wish everyone had some.


Thankful for a town that I am discovering more and more as I get older and appreciate it.
Thankful for journals were I can keep my many book ideas and character descriptions. I'd be lost, so very lost, without you.
Thankful for the ability to have little secrets.
Thankful for music. The good stuff, and the bad {just not super crazy pop music. that stuff is sometimes too bad}
Thankful for movies and books for forever keeping me entertained.
Thankful for nutella and bananas for always being the most perfect combination.
Thankful for my life. I really do love you.

i feel all grown up when...

1. when my alarm goes off in the morning and i don't throw the covers over my face. i actually get out of bed.

2. I make the decision to go to not buy that pumpkin spice latte to save money.

3. I recognize my own will power to not buy a box of oreos at the grocery store because i know they aren't good for me.

4. I actually like organizing my room and putting my clothes away, nicely. not just thrown into my closet.

5. when the first thing i do in the morning is check my emails to see if my boss emailed me.

I felt very grown up today…

afterlight (4)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

you shall be missed, 2013. kind of

in January

in February

in march

in april

in may

in june

in july

in august

in September

in October

in November

in december

a little dare

everyone seems to have a dare story hidden in the back of their mind. you know, the place people put things they don't want to remember?

well, this isn't one of those, thankfully.

so instead of posting this on facebook, where dare came from, i'll post on here for the whole world to see.

don't get too excited.

the dare is to write six random facts about me.

1. i am blessed to be able to say that I've been to almost every state in the united states before the age of eighteen.

2. i got my first speeding ticket, EVER, this summer at the age of twenty-three. let's just say i was super embarrassed and will never go over 60 in a 55 ever again. ever.

3. when i was in college, i explored and studied three different majors. speech pathology and audiology, early childhood education and then English. i guess i was indecisive. or i just have many interests. but this is the reason i was in college an extra semester...or two.

4. i have a problem with wanting things to be organized and in its place. not in a crazy way but in the way that if it's after midnight and i can't sleep, it's probably because of the mess on my floor and i usually get out of bed to put them away. crazy? i hope not.

5. i have two tattoos on my back {no, not my lower back or upper} that mean a whole lot to me. i spent over a year thinking about the idea before i had the guts to get them. in fort myers, FL

6. i currently have an obsession with: candles, leggings, sweaters, Kate Spade NY, bright lipstick (Nars in Red Lizard and Revlon in Love That Pink} blogging, pinteresting {why yes, i sure did make that word up}.

see, nothing too exciting. but that's six facts about me.

now, give me six facts about you!

I dare you.

Monday, October 28, 2013

New York City.

last thursday i did something that I've been wanting to do for almost two years.

i booked a flight to NYC.

if you know me, or know anyone who knows me, they will tell you that NYC is one of, if not my only, my favorite places to be. i would live there if my family didn't live in ohio.

luckily, i have a pretty awesome friend who lets me crash on her couch for a few days once and awhile and it just so happens everything worked out and i will be going there in november!

i can already smell the amazing bagels from the starlite deli and taste the unbelievably fantastic burgers and shakes from Shake Shack. i may or may not have a wish list of places to go. most of them are restaurants. but if you've been to understand why.

so for now, i'm going to go through my pictures from the last trips i took to NYC and pretend i'm leaving tomorrow.

below are some of my favorite pictures from all three trips (once with my mom, brother, aunt, cousin and her husband) and twice on my own to stay with my friend.

[gallery columns="2" ids="201,202,203,204,205,206,209,210"]

please note that most of these are pretty old. i can't wait to break out my camera and iphone in november and do some amazing editing with the software i have.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

a gorgeous fall weekend

afterlight (2)

^^^yikes, just now noticed you can see the mistakes from when i painted my nails!

i have been looking forward to this weekend all week. i think i was freaked out at the beginning with possible surgery and then the whole biopsy that happened.

when friday came around, i woke up to my alarm clock with a smile on my face. i was ready for the day.

friday night i made four pizzas. all i can say is we are pizza'd out. luckily my brother can eat anything and pizza is one of his favorite things.

we had a birthday party on saturday to go to. my little cousins are growing up to be such amazing young ladies. beautiful inside and out, i always leave after seeing them with a  smile on my face.

today we went to church and let me just say...i needed it.

it has been a very long {long enough that i'm not willing to share} time since I've been in mass. last night i just felt the need to go. not because i had done something wrong but i just felt it.

during the entire hour long mass, i felt disconnected. i walked inside the church's doors with a negative attitude that i couldn't seem to shake.

i realized that this is one of the things i need to work on. i need to work on my outlook on certain things.

a side note but when we were in the store the other day, i caught myself making a face at food! something didn't sound good and i scrunched my face up. i realized then that i might be coming across the wrong way to people around me.

i'm a happy person and while i don't feel the need to show it every single second of every day {people would think i were crazy!} i need to show it more and keep my thoughts off my face.

i apologize if i'm making this post too religious but it bothered me today.

so after today, i plan on really working on things like this. be a more happy person and find what will make me happier.

already what makes me happy is my family, writing, friends, my job, my passions in life and my new found love of bright lipstick. i just can't seem to get enough of bright colors lately.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend!

what makes you happy?

a girl and her dog

today is zip's birthday!


some may find it funny that i'm acknowledging his birthday but, hey, it's the little things.

while this dog can sure be a little terror...he makes up for it in his cuteness and love for our family.

today, after church, i asked him to "go for a ride" and he ripped around the house so excitedly. we hopped in my crappy old Saturn and drove to the closest pet store.

he shook the entire time {i think he was overwhelmed} but he wondered around until he picked a toy out.

zip settled on a purple, glow-in-the-dark rubber bone that he has not parted with ever since we came home.

happy birthday, zip!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the perfect fall day

besides the not so fun doctor visit and the even more not so fun biopsy that was taken, today was fall at its best.

it sprinkled for a little here and there but when it was over, the sun peaked through and the temperatures warmed up into the upper 40s.

just wanted to share a few photos from today.

cp (2)

^^^ we visited our old neighborhood {which i'm jealous because it's prettier than ours in the fall}

cp3 (2)

^^^ if you've never been here, you've never tasted a proper cheeseburger.

photo 22
^^^ as the sun was setting tonight. perfection.

what is fall like for you where you live?

cellar 59

photo 1

i kept seeing this new wine cellar every time i went shopping on 59 {hence the fun play on their name}. the outside enticed me but i hadn't known anyone who had tried it. i kept asking about it and finally, today, i had a chance to try it out. and boy was i not let down.

i'm not sure if it was the beautiful dark wooden wrap around porch, or the lights hanging from the ceiling but as soon as i walked up the stone steps, i was in love. i'm a sucker for charming places and this place had it.

photo 2 (2)

the atmosphere inside was rustic but classy with a lot of charm to it. maybe it was the beautiful classic staircase or that it actually was an old house {it's a renovated 19th century abandoned farmhouse}, it feels so "home-y" inside.

and the wine and food.

oh, the wine and food.

photo 1 (2)i had just taken some medicine about fifteen minutes before so i couldn't order a glass {i had sparkling water instead} but that didn't keep me from sipping on my mom's.

my mom ordered the incognito white which was a blended white wine. it was so good and you could taste just a hint of papaya. so many of their wines sounded good and i can't wait to taste them! on top of an impressive wine list, they also have craft beers and mixed drinks.

because we hadn't had lunch yet, we ordered one of their plates of food. we got their olive plate which included thinly sliced bread with a baguette type crust, an olive spread and two smaller bowls of assorted olives and peppers. it was more than enough for the two of us but i can easily see it being split between four.

photo 3

^^^ their olive spread on the bread. AHHHmazing.
we didn't get any, but their desserts are made locally, which, in my opinion is a smart idea for any newer business. i think it offers a flare that many others like it don't have.

another thing that grabbed my attention (aside from the friendly service) was the events they have and how there are certain days of the week that are designated to something different.

here's a list of the days and the specials they offer:

tuesdays:  retail wine prices. they sell at least 100 different bottles of wine there, all featured from different countries and categorized accordingly. because they do this, they do charge an extra fee, however, on tuesdays, they don't.

wednesday: ladies day. each glass of wine was only $5-6.

fridays: flight night and also they will soon be opening up all day tastings.

saturdays: live music. they have a full list on their website through december.

this year on halloween, they are having a release party to celebrate their famous vintage wine, The Prisoner. the event is free and open to anyone who would like to join.

also on november 18th they are having a winter tasting night. the food will be catered by The Bistro and will feature sixteen different wines to choose from. reservations are required and there is a fee per person. sounds like it will be a blast and a great way to start winter and support a local wine bar.

photo 2

if you live in the stow, oh area, or even further than that {it's worth the drive!} make sure you check it out.

living in ohio, it sometimes feels impossible to find unique and awesome places like cellar 59. they've nailed it, in my opinion, and i can't wait to try more on their delicious menu. especially their mocha porter which sounds out of this world.

check them out on facebook and on their website.


well, i went in for surgery today on my feet {something minor} but came out without that procedure and a more prospectively scary one done.

my arms, neck and chest are covered in freckles. i've always had "beauty marks" on my neck. as i've gotten older, i've noticed more and more freckles appear. which i don't mind :)

anyways, the doctor took a look at a few i had questions about and sure enough one needed to be sent for a biopsy.

the pinch was nothing but the pain after was not so fun.

so now we wait for two weeks to get the results and we will go from there! i have positive thoughts about this. we caught it early even if it is something.

if anything from this post, don't worry or hesitate about asking questions!

Monday, October 21, 2013


do you know what the forecast said for wednesday and thursday?


do you know how happy that made me?

yes, i love fall. but i love the snow especially the first snowfall. there is something so innocent and pretty about it. it's wispy and lovely.

however, i wish we could just enjoy fall for now. we just got it!

knowing ohio, it won't snow. but still, the thought of it makes me happy :)

nevertheless i think it's safe to say goodbye to 70 and 80 degree weather!

it's the simple things, right?

oh, and i bought a tube of red lipstick yesterday. red lizard by nars.

happiness, i tell you.

the simple things.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

salt fork camping trip

when i was a little girl, my favorite thing was to come home from school on a friday and find out we were going camping for a weekend.

i swear, it summed up my weekends as a little kid. my dad's side of the family camped and it was what we did.

well, people got older, people got married and people became busy. it just didn't happen like it used to. so when we had the opportunity to camp over the weekend at salt fork with the whole family (minus some who couldn't make it) i dropped everything and made sure i was there.

if you haven't noticed by my other blog posts, my favorite time of the year is fall. well, at salt fork, you've hit the jackpot when it comes to scenery. at this time of year some of the leaves are still changing while most have already fallen to the ground. the air is crisp and the scent in the air is perfect.

we had a really nice time, although, saturday night was quite chilly--more excuses to sit around a fire.

i brought my writing notebook but was so busy catching up with everyone that i didn't get a chance to write anything down besides a few ideas on my iphone.

make sure to check out the photos below:

IMG_1772^^^ the drive in. how beautiful!


^^^ salt fork lodge. so many wonderful memories.


^^^ they had a harvest festival going on. that reads 840.5 lbs!




^^^ the yellow butterfly winery -- very disappointed but the outside was gorgeous.


^^^ morning sun


^^^ another of the lodge. we were searching their activity room for my grandma's handprint (you could pay to have your handprint on the wall). it's been seven years and we learned that they painted over hers. we were so sad. it would have been so nice to find especially since she passed away this year.

what did you do this weekend?

Friday, October 18, 2013

your cozy fall must haves

this is going to be a fun post. i have many must haves when it comes to chilly nights and even chillier mornings (coming out of the shower at 8am and it feels like its 10 degrees in your bedroom -- ouch).

listed below are some of my favorite things. and i really hope you share some of yours because i love discovering new cozy things.

lauren conrad leggings. they fit perfectly and hug me so wonderfully. buy them here.

my candles. bath and body works is probably sick of me. i always come in when i know their new scents are out. my favorite fall scent, this year, is blackberry spice. and it comes in the cutest little mason jar.

slippers. they're so cozy.

french vanilla tea. with graham crackers dunked in. don't judge

starbucks' pumpkin spice latte with soy. you know you love it. you know you're addicted to it.

my red blanket my cousin got me for a bridesmaid thank you gift. it's the perfect size and always warms me up.

my scarves. oh my scarves. i will always find a reason to wear one.

red lipstick. or orange. or reddish-pink. yes this is cozy...okay?

{my favorite shades to wear are this, this, and this}

a good book while i'm wearing my favorite sweater, my leggings, my slippers and my red blanket while sipping tea.


please share yours! i'd love to hear some of them and check them out.

Monday, October 14, 2013

happiness is...

so many things.

but here are my top ten right now.

1. my mom's zucchini bread. you haven't tasted heaven until you've had a slice.

2. finding out you have one more raspberry lime polar seltzer water left when you thought you were out.

3. big, tight hugs from the kids at work.

4. when your parent tells you how proud they are of you, out of the blue.

5. the song "postcards from Italy" by Beirut. i can't get enough. listen here. it will change your day.

6. the way the sun hits the leaves in the morning on my way to work.

7. chilly mornings when all you want to do is pull your blankets as tight around you as you can.

8. when someone plays with your hair without even asking them to.

9. kind hearted elderly men who still want to be a gentleman and hold the door open for you even when you insist on doing it for them.

10. that cup of coffee from starbucks or dunkin donuts that somehow makes a long day better.


^^^ just look at those colors

IMG_1722^^^ i don't take many photos of myself. but the sun this morning on my skin was glorious.

IMG_1724^^^ this picture is of the same tree from above only it was taken a week ago. the difference is amazing.

so, what makes you happy?